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Volume 1 Number 12

August Birthday:


Carolyn Bartlett Richman

September Birthdays


June Olsen Cullen - FL



Sue Kotowski Athenas, L.I.



Claramae Gross Cervino, L.I.



Harry Al Athenas, L.I.

Now that you have seen how we plan to announce the birthdays, maybe more Of you will join in. It is interesting to see just how far from home some of us have moved, so please include your state.

This issue of the newsletter completes our first year. Thanks to all of you who have supported us and contributed your memories and news. We would like to dedicate this issue to the memory of Holly Horton who started it all.

As of now there are 293 addresses in the address book. That means we may be reaching 586 individuals. Again, we extend the invitation to each of you to share your news, memories or stories with the rest of us.

We have helped people make contact with old friends. We've prayed, cried and laughed along with each other. We've made new friends and learned so much.

Now, if someone can tell me how/why my nicely typed and edited manuscript breaks apart when sent and what to do to prevent this, I sure would be grateful!


Part 2 of Bob Casale's Story
In Search Of
Hicksville Ramblings
The News in Brief
How Much is a Billion?


Part 2 of Bob Casale's Story

And now to the rest of Bob Casale's story: A Night in Las Vegas
(With apologies to Paul Harvey!)

People stood around for a while but after about ten minutes, they started to leave the piano bar. Joyce and I sat tight hoping that Elvis would retrace his steps and leave through the main entrance. It was about a half hour later that we decided, too, that he might be gone, so we walked toward the entrance/exit door at the rear of the piano bar. We were almost outside when we heard a commotion behind us and it was Elvis with an entourage of people plus his bodyguards walking toward us. We walked outside, into the lobby, and then waited for him to come through the door.

Elvis' bodyguards exited first, then the king made his way into the mini circle they formed for him. He was extremely talkative and answered all the questions the people asked. Joyce and I just hung out in the background waiting for an opportunity to jump in.

Elvis was getting a little antsy and motioned to his guys to walk toward the door that exited into an adjoining parking lot. We trailed behind the group and just before Elvis got to the door I yelled to him, "Hey, Presley. How come you never made Sergeant?" He turned around and in his "Love Me Tender" voice said, "Who said that?"

"I did," I said and showed him my military ID card. "Navy guy, huh. Where you stationed," he asked?

"San Francisco, Mr. Presley," was my answer. "Just outside in a quaint
little community called Sonoma."

"Call me, Elvis," was his reply.

We had a brief exchange of conversation for a couple of minutes. The reason he never made Sergeant was he was only doing his time and never made an effort at advancement because it didn't mean anything. Let the other guys advance...I'll just make music. He also said that everything he ever did in his life had meaning. His momma taught him that. The only good thing the Army brought me was Priscilla, he said.

He walked out the door, crossed the parking lot and got into a waiting car...and that's how I met Elvis Presley.

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In Search Of

  • Hi,

    Perhaps someone can help me. In the mid 1970's or later I was in a movie theater in Queens. During the movie, about the 50's I think...they showed a film clip of a school..."Gee that looks familiar"...and the dress code, girls in front of the school with their proper school attire. Then they panned Hicksville High. I yelled out "That's my high school." Did anyone else see this movie and remember the name? Anyone else embarrass himself or herself in a theater? Please let me know, Okay?
    Joyce (Thorburn) Jurgensen 1967

  • Claude and I were at my Mom's for the weekend ('70's some time) and I noticed there was a movie playing that night about Hicksville High School. We went and the theater was packed with former students. I cannot remember the name of it (having a senior Week). However, the Prom Scene was from 1960 (my prom) and there were many kids from 1960 in it. When the credits rolled there really were none and everyone was sitting there wondering who the heck made the movie.

    As Joyce has, I have always wondered what the name of it was and who in the world put it together. It was quite good. I wonder if this would be a question for Anton Mure? (Anton, are you reading this?)

    This could be almost as big a mystery as the ice cream confection at
    Gertz???????? Linda

  • Hello Everybody,

    Lee Lincoln Class of 61. Does anybody have any information on Uncle Donald - AKA Donald Holmes the art teacher at Hicksville High? I've tried other avenues but to no avail! Is he still alive? Any info would be appreciated.



  • If someone from the class of 1957 volunteers to start organizing a 45th reunion for next year, I'd be happy to help out. My e-mail address is:

    Best regards.
    Ginny (Mohr) Trombetta

  • Tanya Hawrylowicz Radgowski, 1962, would like to contact her old friend Linda Miccio. If anyone knows Linda's whereabouts please drop a note to Tanya at:

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Hicksville Ramblings

  • The 2000 Hicksville Census is in - Population 41,260

  • Found - Lee Avenue School Graduation Pin (mine) 1954

  • Reunions Unlimited, Inc, PO Box 15, Englishtown NJ 07726
    Phone 732 617-1000 looking for:

    Class of 1981 With Reunion to be November 24th
    Class of 1984 Reunion 2004
    Class of 1992 Reunion 2002
    Class of 1993 Reunion 2003
    Class of 1994 Reunion 2004
    Class of 1995 Reunion 2005

    If any of the above pertains to your year, contact them as they are
    organizing reunions.

  • The Ella Marie School of Dance
    Ella Marie Columbo, the founder 39 years ago, has retired. The school started with 80 students on Broadway in 1962. Enrollment has grown to 900 and the school moved to Herzog Place.

    The Hicksville Chamber of Commerce at their 75th Anniversary Installation Dinner is honoring Ella next month as their Small Businessperson of the Year 2001.

  • The USS Liberty - I have been advised that their programming of "Cover Up: Attack On The USS Liberty is "not scheduled to repeat at this time. This appears to be unusual as they normally replay their shows several times. Don't know where the pressure came from???? However, if any of you out there want to see it repeated I feel that e-mails to them might exert our own pressure (tell your friends). The address for the History Channel go to their FEEDBACK let them know your

  • Last But Certainly Not Least - My sincerest thanks to Pat for her tireless and enthusiastic work on the Newsletter. If it were not for Pat
    there would be no Newsletter. When Holly passed on, Pat and I both received her Obituary Notice, as we were about to open e-mails from her, from the night before. We were both so shocked but Pat knew immediately what had to be done. Again, many thanks Pat not just from me but also for Holly Horton's Memory.

    Linda Piccerelli Hayden

    (Note from Pat: Thanks Linda. When I read the draft I could feel my cheeks turn red. I didn't think that old ladies could blush!!)

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Carl Schulz, 1956, writes:

Also just wanted to tell you that Howard Finnegan, wrote sports and was the town sports historian, died on June 2, 2001 after a long bout with heart problems. He was 75 years old. Much sports history of the high school athletes, Hicksville field club and Hicksville History in general is gone.

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The News in Brief

  • Jeff White (class of 1973) is directing and appearing in The Secret Garden at the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 26800 Newport Road, Menifee, Calif. It will be presented on Sept 13, 14, 15, 20, and 22 at 7:00 PM and matinees on Sept. 15 and 22 at 1:00 PM.

  • To my friends and shipmates...there are now 48 pages posted on from the First Cruise Book...circa 1965...and, there is a second album called USS LIBERTY MISC that has miscellaneous pictures...remember to log onto to access my albums. There are additional albums there that you can look at of family, weddings, work...etc. Please just leave a comment...thanks

    Bob Casale

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How Much is a Billion?

A billion is a difficult number to comprehend, but one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into perspective in
one of its releases.

  • A billion seconds ago, it was 1951.

  • A billion minutes ago, Jesus was alive.

  • A billion hours ago, our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

  • A billion dollars ago was only 10 hours and 20 minutes, at the rate Washington spends it.

Pat Koziuk '56
Linda Piccerelli '60
Bob Casale '61

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