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Volume 2 Number 11

August Birthdays


Bob Steedman, 1958 (AL)


Bonnie Brigandi, 1974 (FL)


Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956 (FL)


John Sherin, 1956 (HX)


Carolyn Bartlett Richman, 1976

Belated birthday wishes to Arline Barna, 1956 (FL) on July 5th and Arthur "Woody" Wood, 1968 (HX) on July 16th.

August Anniversaries


Pat and Bob Driscoll, 26 years

Belated wishes to Jacci (LaSalle) and John Gallucci (NY) who celebrated 38 years on June 27th.

Congratulations to Arlene Andrade and Vic Sahadachny (both of class of 1957) on their marriage, Friday, July 5th. Following Vic's retirement in October, they plan to live in Florida.

In Memory
Hall of Fame
News and Notes
Spotlight: Mid-Life Crisis


In Memory

Joan Komar Langlois writes:
"My brother, John Komar 1963, died June 2001. Margaret Gomez Volz, 1961, died in Sept. 2000."

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Hall of Fame

Dear Hicksville High School Alumni

There are many who graduated from Hicksville High School with honors and have attained goals they established when they were being educated. There are equally as many without direction that have soared to unparalleled heights through dedication in a specific area.

The editors of the newsletter would like to establish their own Hall of Fame for those graduates who have distinguished themselves over the years. Our ability to establish and sustain a growing list of candidates is now in your hands. You, the alumni, will submit names of those you feel are worthy of inclusion in a Hall of Fame. There are no restrictions because fame has no limits...many worthwhile accomplishments merit consideration.

When you submit a name for consideration, please include a sketch of the person and, most of all; let us know what makes this person special. We will publish a list of perspective candidates each month. You will then be asked to vote for the candidate of your choice. Two selections will be made each month.

The Editors

FIRST NOMINATION - LOUIS BRIGANDI, class of 1951 by his daughter Bonnie, class of 1974 (FL)

I would like to have something put into the next newsletter and it's about my dad, Louis Brigandi a graduate of 1951. Dad means the world to me and I'd like to convey this feeling one more time and what better way than to nominate him for the Hicksville High School Hall of Fame.

The name Brigandi is well established in the Hicksville area and stands right alongside the Hawxhursts and Froelichs. Louie was part of a large family that grew up in a small, 3 bedroom white house on Bay Avenue.

While in his early twenties, Dad started a business called Alpine Plumbing and Heating that was geared to operate in the vicinity of where he established his roots. The Hicksville community in the 50's was probably the "hub" of the island and all points east were mainly used for vacation homes. Dad concentrated locally and established a household name because of his honesty and integrity.
Lou married Doris and they had four children that grew up on Cedar Street. The children were Ann, Louie, Keith and me, Bonnie. This family of Brigandi's was very close and Lou and Doris showered us with affection and provided for us in a stellar way.
Dad set up an office in the front of the house he grew up in on Bay Avenue. My sister, Ann, lives there with her husband, Wally, and their three children, Billy, Chrissy and Wally Jr. We are all married now and have blessed Dad with a total of 11 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Dad was a very busy man, wasn't he?

Dad loved horses, so as he became successful, he purchased several that helped him garnish enough winnings to give him a good life. He shared his success with his children showering them with gifts of cars and houses and lots of good stuff. Dad has a condo in Florida that he uses during the colder periods of the year. His marriage to Doris was ended and he remarried, Kathleen, a wonderful woman whose warmth and affection cemented the relationship amongst this family that had always been close.

My brother, Keith, is now in charge of Alpine. Keith is married to the former Debbie Stippell. My other brother, Louie is an independent plumber who works on Long Island.

I was always the spoiled one and lived in the same house in Selden for 19 years that Dad bought for me. I now live in Florida and wait patiently for Dad to come down for his winter break because I miss him a lot. My Dad is my best friend and he always treated his kids the same way, as friends.

I just wanted this opportunity to suggest that my dad, Lou Brigandi, is the nicest man in the whole world and I want the world to know how much I love him and now they know. I wanted to nominate him for the Hall of Fame...

love you, daddy
your daughter

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  • Marcy (Lipschutz) Seus correct email address:

  • Mike Rosenwasser graduated in 1961

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News and Notes

  • Check out the photos of Hicksville in 1966 on A great big thank you to Ray Feierstein, class of 1963, for sharing them with us. Ray now lives in Tucson, Arizona.

    Please scroll down under any of the pictures and leave a comment, correction or addition.

  • Dear HHS Alumni

    Here's another you have copies of the old Comet Newsletters??? If you do, please make copies and send those copies to Bob Casale at 195 Lauman Lane, Hicksville, NY 11801. I'd like to reproduce them and have them accessible to all. Is it something that's still done??

    Publishing the Comet, I mean.

    Thanks...Bob Casale

  • Hi,

    The newsletter looks wonderful, as usual.

    I'm not sure if I ever provided the details of our trip to Florida in January. We were able to connect up with Marcia Rubenstein (58) and her new husband who were off on a cruise and also, finally, with my good friend Joan Masterson (59? 60?) with whom I had lost contact for nearly 30 years. Joan lives in the Sarasota area. Her daughter, parents and one of her sisters live in the area too. I'm sure she'd like to hear from her classmates. If anyone wants her address or phone, please contact me.

    Vicky Penner Whitaker (1958)

  • Hi,

    Just read through the latest Hicksville newsletter, Good job as always... My husband and I would like to pass along Congratulations to Jimmy Gorman and new wife on their recent marriage. Jim, may you both share a long, healthy and happy life together.
    All the best,
    Jan & Woody.

  • Our son Ryan, has just joined the ranks of Hicksville High School's newest Alumni, having graduated this past June in the class of "2002". He'll be starting at Nassau Community (Liberal Arts) in the fall. We had one really hectic weekend... Ryan, had his Eagle Scout Court of Honor on Saturday, his Graduation from High School on Sunday, followed by his driving road test and life guard swim test on the following Monday...We'll have to get back to you as we're still awaiting the results on both.

    Janis Bartlett Wood, 1973

  • Hi,
    Greetings from Quebec City! Judy (Wycoff) and I (Ginny Mohr) are reading this (newsletter) from an inter cafe in the heart of the old city. It is absolutely beautiful! And I am tracing the history of my great grandfather who spent 22 years of his life and died here. In fact, he was one of the pioneers of the invention of the telephone and performed the first demonstration here back around 1892. Judy has been great in helping me locate the streets (I can't read maps!), and she has been photographing me in front of all of his residences. It has been great fun.

    Today is Canada Day (July 1), and the city is filled with locals and tourists enjoying all the activities. If you have never visited here, it is a MUST! Started in Toronto (3 days), then on to the capital of Ottawa; now Quebec, and tomorrow we leave and end up the tour in Montreal (3 more days). If you're at all interested in more info on this wonderful trip, just contact Judy or me.

    Hope all of you are enjoying a great summer. Judy and I are looking forward to seeing our 1957 classmates in October on Long Island.

    Ginny & Judy (aka: Thelma and Louise)

  • Frank Koziuk, 1967 sends the following in reply to last month's query about the Battle of the Bands:

    "I don't remember that particular battle of the bands, or the band Hadrian Decree. I would guess that it took place in late 1967, when I was already in college. The Hassles were Billy Joel's band, although I believe they did exist before he and Howie Blauvelt [1949-1993]joined them. They had formerly been in The Lost Souls, later The Commandos, when I was in High School. I remember that Billy Joel was in The Hassles in late 1967, because I bought their first 45 when I was home from college for the first time. Their first album came out soon after."

    Frank also did a little research and sent the following:
    (Found on

    The members of Ram Jam were Bill Barlett (former lead guitarist of the Lemon Pipers), Pete Charles (drummer), Myke Scavone (lead singer), and Howie Arthur Blauvett, who sang with Billy Joel in two earlier groups (the Hassles and El Primo). Ram Jam's only hit, "Black Betty," created quite a stir when Epic Records released it.

    The recording session was the brainstorm of Barlett and bubblegum producers Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz. Two civil rights groups, the N.A.A.C.P. and C.O.R.E., called for a boycott of the song, claiming it insulted black women. Despite the controversy, it still reached the number 18 spot on Billboard's pop chart in September 1977. The Cincinnati band Starstruck had released a more driving, riveting version of "Black Betty" on the Truckstar label before Ram Jam's version. Starstruck's version received little airplay or recognition; ironically, future Ram Jam member Barlett had been a memberof Starstruck when they recorded "Black Betty."

    In the early '90s the producers remixed "Black Betty" and got an international hit for their efforts. The band released two LPs: Ram Jam (1977) and Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram (1978). Epic issued only three singles by the rockers. Blauvelt joined Spitball, a funky blues-type band, in the '90s, and performed with them until he died of a heart attack. Billy Joel often dedicates "We Didn't Start the Fire" to Blauvelt when he performs live. Barlett continued to play in the southwestern Ohio/eastern Indiana area.
    Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide

  • Linda Whitlock (Frimmer-class of '58) had been trying to find Agnes Arthofer (class of '57). Linda wrote to Phil Fulco (1967 reunion committee) and Phil contacted this newsletter.
    I have Agnes' brother Bob Arthofer's address and dropped him a note. In less than 24 hours - Linda and Agnes are back in contact!


  • With the expanded list of recipients, I thought I'd put out a search for Rita Bianchi again. Any one know her whereabouts? Barbara Clark knew her when their kids were in school together on L.I., but she then moved. Wendy (Karen)Stuart 1957 (ME).

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    Saturday night, August 10, 2002, at the Imperial Manor, 345 Hicksville Road, Bethpage, L.L., NY

    Cocktails starting at 7:00 pm, Buffet Dinner Dance at 8:00 pm with unlimited food and open bar!!
    Cost is $80 per person, spouses, significant others and guests of classmates are invited.

    If interested, please contact Marcy Lipschutz Seus (, Karen Hubner Jenkins ( or Joe Carfora ( right away.

  • CLASS OF 1957

    Saturday, October 19, 2002 at the Islandia Marriott (exit 58 of the L.I.E.), cocktails at 7 p.m., dinner to follow. Cost is $65 per person. Hotel is giving us a discount rate for those who wish to stay there, including free transportation to and from MacArthur airport.

    We'll also be meeting for brunch on Sunday morning, before everyone heads home. Invitations have been sent to all the classmates whose street addresses we have. We're still waiting to hear back from some of those registered on Classmates.Com.


    Phil Fulco
    10 Kendall Green Drive
    Milford, CT 06460
    Phone: (203) 878-7154

    "We're also trying to find Anne Marie Schiavone from our class of '57. We think she's retired from LILCO. Last info is she lived in Plainview. Could you put an inquiry in the next newsletter? "

    "Now, the next one is: Judy DeVincentis (Morgan). Last contact had her in Massacheusetts (Salem? or on the coast somewhere, had a bed and breakfast business). If anyone knows where she is now or has had contact in recent years please let me know.
    The lost and found department has received more requests about missing persons. They are:
    Bette Goldman, Judy Muller and Barbara Hessner."

    If anyone has any information on their whereabouts please contact me.

    You guys have been doing pretty good finding people, so we might as well just keep going.


    A great big "thank you" to May Horn (Mabel Perduto, 1958) for all her hard work and time spent visiting Orlando hotels and restaurants and meeting with banquet managers. However, the "reunion" will have to be postponed until a committee can be formed and more ground work done for this effort to be successful. There is a group of people planning a brainstorming session and any updates will be sent to all interested parties ASAP.

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Spotlight: Mid-Life Crisis


When you hear someone say "Mid Life Crisis," what do you think off?

My thoughts drift to the dilemma we all face as years pass by...and much faster as we get older...the wrinkling of face, body and ego. In this case, the connotation is totally different.

Mid Life Crisis...can you think of a better title to be used by a group of fledgling musicians who feel reborn after many years of drifting?

This is not to suggest these musicians drifted around without direction. They had direction but it was opposite. What brought these musicians back together? A little bit of fate and a reunion.

The pleasant mixture of sounds is the creative genius of Dan Cavaluzzo on guitar, Neal Platt on keyboard, Artie Schwartz on bass guitar, Tom Motika on lead guitar and Tony Saccone on drums. Each of these superb musicians back the harmonic voice of lead singer Anton Mure who reminds me a little of the kid from the Bronx, Dion.

Their roots go back to the early 60's when, while still in Junior High School, Anton and Dan played in a band known as The Other Culture. They experimented with cutting edge, harmony based stuff (Vanilla Fudge, Cream, Vagrants). This venue of sound was not acceptable yet, but would eventually find its way into the annals of music. Behind them in years and equally talented were Neal and Artie who looked to their peers for guidance. They didn't join forces but drifted along separately for many years honing their musical skills privately.

It was the early 90's when Anton and Danny had a revelation. They toyed with the idea of having a reunion...of their old band and their alma mater, Hicksville High School. This was in 1991 and the thought materialized into a get together at the Hicksville VFW hall with approximately 90 people in attendance. The next year, 1992, Anton and Dan are introduced to Neal and Artie (they were in later years in high school). The effort saw a second reunion in excess of 200 people.

The thought was to continue the reunion tradition because it was a nice thing for HHS alumni...and it was a chance for the band to be together. The original group of Anton, Danny, Neal and Artie is growing. Now included is Jim Powers on strong lead guitar, Matty Errico on drums and a welcome addition of Ken Grossman on keyboards (note to Carolyn Wood Imbrie...this guy can actually read music...haha). It would be two years, however, before they perform in front of a reunion crowd.

There is a logistics problem...finding a hall large enough to house the growing numbers of reunion goers. There is nothing in the vicinity of Hicksville that can handle larger crowds. The band is astonished when 450 people show up at the VFW Hall in Deer Park that night in 1994. What next??? The word is out and people are flocking from all over the island and the metro New York area.
During the lull period from 1992 to 1994, the band rehearsed quite a few times establishing a sound that was unique. Following the '94 reunion, the boys "disbanded" for several years. There were numerous requests for another reunion but business and family commitments negated the reunion idea, at least for the moment.

In 2000, with the new millennium at hand, the guys talked about a big reunion with a thousand people attending. They did some homework and discovered the only way to succeed with such a large-scale reunion was to commit to a site that could handle large crowds. Looking around at perspective clubs was a chore because not every site is capable of catering to all aspects of a reunion. There are a lot of loose ends to consider and the end result was to have a mega reunion at the Huntington Town House. They would handle all aspects for a reasonable fee. That done, they could now concentrate on their music.

Rich and wife Peg O'Neill Delia promoted the reunion and did an awesome job coordinating the logistics angles. Ticket sales were incredible with each day seeing hundreds of requests come their way. To make a long story short, the end result was almost 1700 raving, Hicksville lunatics packing themselves into the town house. There was an unfortunate outcome despite the success. Holly Horton, who was undaunted in contacting people and establishing a website that had pictures, vignettes and advice, passed away several days before the reunion took place. You could sense the excitement she was experiencing when talking with her. The anticipation of seeing friends was partially responsible for the enthusiasm she displayed. We all missed her and thank her in prayer each day for the role she played in getting us all together.

Getting back to Anton Mure and his ass kicking Mid Life Crisis band.

That night at the town house was the catalyst the boys needed to continue their act. They now play around Long Island several times a month. As for the was the suggestion of a co-worker of Bob Leo who was with the band previously.

Anton is in the physical fitness business since 1975. He has his own business in Jericho and is married with a four-year-old daughter ( read it right...4 years old...). His favorite color is pink and his pet peeve is bald men with ponytails. How do you feel about "just" bald guys, Anton???

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As I carefully scrolled through the 1930 Federal Census as part of my family tree research, I saw a village called Central Park mentioned in several different Enumeration Districts. Now, I knew about "Central Park" in Manhattan but had never heard of Central Park, Nassau County. The streets listed were those I associated with Bethpage so I sent a note to Ellen Boos Bruwer (1954), who still lives in Hicksville, and has always been very helpful. She replied that Central Park is now Bethpage and there is still a Central Park Inn in Bethpage. I checked Newsday's L.I. History site and found the following:

"Turning Point: Bethpage, still a tiny farming community, became Old Bethpage against its will in 1936, when the adjacent - and larger - community of Central Park decided that it would call itself Bethpage. The 1940s saw a potato blight wipe out most of the crops. That and the post-World War II housing shortage transformed Old Bethpage from farmland to suburb. By 1966, its population had ballooned from a few dozen in 1936 to about 5,000 people."

Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956, FL
Linda Piccerelli Hayden, 1960, NJ
Bob Casale, 1961, HX and PA

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