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Volume 2 Number 10

July Birthdays


Wendy Karen Stuart, 1957 (MA)


Louis Sirocusa, 1968 (NH)


Eileen Greenberg Ingala, 1961 (KY)


James Roedecker, 1966


Tanya Hawrylowicz Radgowski, 1962 (GA)


Jeanette Martello Lupis, 1959 (FL)


Linda Piccerelli Hayden, 1960 (NJ)

Belated birthday wishes to:
6/4 - Mike Rosenwasser, 1964 (GA)
6/14 - Butch Allan, 1960
6/23 - Harvey Weiss, 1947 (ME)

July Anniversaries


Harry and Sue Athenas (L.I.)


Linda (Piccerelli) and Claude Hayden (NJ)


Bob and Joyce (Gabrielsen) Casale (PA) - 36 years

June 1 - Jack and Cindy DeVaul, 39 years (L.I.)
June 24 - Harvey and Shirley Weiss (ME) - Belated but special wishes for 51 years.

The Children of Carl ("Cal" or Calegero) and Adella Calma will be celebrating their parents' 50th wedding anniversary on July 5, 2002. Carl and Adella have 5 children, 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren (with one more on the way!). Carl leads Long Island swing band "The Second Chance Band" and Adella still is employed at Vision World in Levittown.

From the Editors
News and Notes
Spotlight: Carolyn Wood, Part 4


From the Editors

  • Dear Classmates...Class of 1962

    We posted your reunion information onto the WCBS-FM site...Roy Garman and Sue Hodges are listed as contacts...don't know if anyone can thread their way to the site, but who knows??? The Shadow knows... click on the below link

    Warm regards...Your Editors

  • To view Hicksville High School Albums on the website, click on the following link....

    Once there, click on Hicksville under My Schools, then click on School Photo Albums. This will bring you to a screen that lists the many albums that are there for your enjoyment. Find one you like or look at all the albums. You can even create one's easy. If there is something you would like to see included, please advise the newsletter editors. We would appreciate some feedback from you so that our effort at posting pictures is not in vain.

  • I ran track from Eighth grade until I graduated from high school. I don't have one picture of myself in a track uniform nor anything from when I was competing. How many others of you don't have any photos? Guaranteed, someone out there has at least one picture that shows me running in a race somewhere!?!? I thought there was a film that Henry Landau made at one of the meets in 1960. Does anyone have a picture of Bob Casale running (and I don't mean running away from Joyce Gabrielsen, my wife of 36 years)?

    Bob Casale

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News and Notes

  • There was a story in NEWSDAY about the opening of the Cradle of Aviation Museum at Mitchel Field. There was a link to the story and hopefully it still works:

  • Diane Anselmo, wife of former Hicksville resident, Rear Admiral Philip Anselmo, has published her first book, Women's Choices, Women's Lives. The book resulted from interviews with over 100 women and offers a "personal workshop" format that inspires and encourages women to examine their own choices and the tools to change the paradigms that affect those choices. The stories of 30, not so ordinary, women in the book, ages 18 to 71 who are stay at home mothers to executives in Fortune 100 companies, teaches women how to begin the journey to make those changes.

    "I began interviewing women three years ago, and discovered what women want to hear is very simple: I've been where you have been, struggled with making choices and here is what I have learned. Whether women are dealing with choices due to a painful divorce, death of a loved one, illness, children, career, or the search for something more, the journey remains the same - women want to overcome that sense of powerlessness and regain their freedom. Women want to hear that someone, just like them, made the journey of difficult choices, prevailed, and this is how they did it."


    Women's Choices, Women's Lives is available from or by ordering from your local bookstore.
    Philip and Diane reside in Crownsville, Maryland and have two children Christopher and Elizabeth.

    (You can view a photo of Diane and Phil in the class of 1958 photo album on - ED)

  • MIDLIFE CRISIS, Hicksville's Only Band (as they bill themselves) has a busy July schedule. Friday, July 12th they will be at BETHPAGE SINGLETON'S outdoor patio from 6:00 'till 11:00 pm. $10 admission gets 1 free drink and all you can eat BBQ.
    July 20th they will be performing at the Annual Rock'N'Roll BBQ at St. Ignatius in Hicksville.
    July 27th they will be at DELANEY'S PUB.

  • Thanks again for the usual great job of putting this newsletter together, and thanks for mentioning my brothers birthdays. It was also great to see the letter from Arlene Gottesman. I have a memory that I hope someone can help me out with. I remember in 1967 or 1968 a Battle of the Bands that was held in the Junior High Gym. It featured only 3 bands to my recollection. One I can't recall the name of, another; Hadrian Decree featured an old girlfriend, Lynn Barker (of Miller Road) as lead singer (thereason I went to see the battle) and the last band, that turned out to bethe winner was, I believe, The Hassels. Could this have been Billy Joel'sgroup? Does anyone else remember this competition? I remember up to about 1985 seeing an old panel van marked Hadrian Decree parked, overgrown with weeds in a lot on South Broadway. So much for my memories.

    Rich Calma, class of 71

  • Hi
    I saw my classmate Arlene Gottesman's ('71) note in the June Hicksville Newsletter, and not only wanted to say hello, but also to make a suggestion about how to get more or us '71ers (and any other class, for that matter) to know about the newsletter and send in news. I only found about this newsletter when I was searching the 'Net to find ways to publicize a youth literary contest which my husband (Kenn Rabin, '70) and I sponsor and judge. Arlene, I figure six degrees of separation (which my mother calls "Jewish geography") will work as well here as anywhere else, so if we all tell one or two people we're still in touch with, this could become a great way of learning about and communicating with one another without dealing with those nasty Classmate forums (Delphi and one other, I believe), which anyone can read -- if you can stand the constant ads flashing -- but which you have to pay for in order to be a contributor. So.... Hello to Arlene, and thanks to Pat, Linda, and Bob for keeping us all in touch.

    Robin Jacobson, '71
    Publisher, True North Press
    PO Box 177
    San Anselmo, CA 94979-0177

  • Another great job on the newsletter! I've become a real fan.

    Arlene Gottesman's note regarding the idea of a Wall of Honor at her high school, followed by an annual dinner with 5 notable alums and current student leaders is a terrific idea! HHS has many notable alumni who have accomplished much in their careers, such as Billy Joel, to name just one.

    This made me think; 1) Do you share the newsletter with the current principal and staff at HHS? 2) Arlene's idea should be shared with as many high schools as she can get the word to!

    Given this day in age of broken homes and a general lack of role models, this could go a long way towards giving high school kids someone to look up to and possibly could be an effective way to create a mentoring system.

    I think Arlene's idea is so good, she should send it to President Bush and the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, as a suggestion to improve our education system by creating mentors and role models for our young people.
    People need not be famous, like Billy Joel, to do this, just respected, good citizens who've done well enough so a young person might want to listen to what they have to say.

    On a separate note, I want to thank our reunion committee for collecting 290 addresses, nearly 60% of our class, which is saying something for a group that graduated 40 years ago! It's shaping up to be a great event!


    Joe Carfora '62

  • Hi,

    I read the newsletter each month, and enjoy the stories, comments and news about Hicksville. Thought I'd drop a line to let everyone know that has brought together two former Hicksville grads - Jim Gorman and Toni Passalacqua (class of 1966). I lived in Boynton Beach, Florida and Toni lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. After a year-and-a-half of jetting across the continent to spend time together, we decided to get married and just bought a new house in Scottsdale. We dated while we were in high school and used to dream of a time when we would be together always, just goes to show how life can come full circle.

    All of your work on the newsletter is so commendable, thank you.

    Warm regards,
    Jim & Toni

  • ... gang (you) have produced a winner of a newsletter. I always pass it on to other graduates that I know. I hope some of them have also signed on.

    As an aside to the story about the Brooklyn Bridge, I knew Shelly Davis and Artie Catanzarita at HHS. If fact, in the summer of 67, Shelly and I were in a basement band with Dennis Browning, (67), Gary Crino, (68), Chris Mc Entee, (67), Pattie Lance, (67), Pattie Coyle, (68), and Doug Browning, (69). We were called The Treehouse Organization. We never made it out of the basement, but rehearsing every night and going out to Carvel's after rehearsal was a great way to spend the summer.

    David Teitel , 1968

  • Hi,

    Thanks again for another great HHS Newsletter. As always it keeps me in the spirit of the classmates and the good times in High School. I know you can't live in the past, but your Newsletter helps me keep the memories active and remind me of the good friends and the fun times we had.

    Of course there are many stories to tell, but which one do you tell. Let me start with a couple of memories in a rambling fashion.

    There was the time in our group of friends when we used to have parties. At one of these parties it was on the day when we moved the clocks back. The party was at Pat Kocher's house. I can remember when 12 midnight rolled around and the party was to end at this time. We tried to convince Pat's mother that it really was only 11PM due to moving the clocks back an hour, but she wouldn't buy it.

    Then there was the time that Larry, Bob, Art and myself decided we were going to take a weekend trip to Buffalo, New York. To this day I can't tell you why we picked Buffalo. Anyway we were going to leave early on Saturday morning. We spent Friday night at the Capri Bar on Old Country Road and about 3AM we decided it was crazy to go home and sleep, so we went home got our things for the weekend and took off for Buffalo. We took turns driving, and we weren't drunk (Just want to clarify that to the readers), however, we were very tired. Needless to say when we approach Albany, New York, we decided we would stop, get a hotel and sleep for a while. Well we never made it out of Albany, but saw some sights and ended up at some party Saturday night and drove home on Sunday. What can I tell you, it was an event and we had a good time.

    Talk to you soon,,,and thanks again for all your hard work...

    Bill Canham, 1961

  • G'day one & all!

    I don't know many of you, but it's always great reading the stories & memories! Thank you everyone for sharing them!

    And thank you to those of you that have emailed me over the past 12 months! My family left Hicksville in 1969 to move to Australia & I arrived back in the USA in 2000. Unfortunately missed the August 2000 Reunion, but I hope that I will be around for the next one!

    I am heading up to NYC for a big FAMILY reunion this August, so I'm very excited about meeting & catching up with family that I have not seen for over 30 years!

    I have a new email address, if anyone wants to write I would love to hear from them! Also could this newsletter be sent to this new address,

    Thanks so much!

    Patti Hickey Rees, 1975

  • Hi to all. Finally got a copy of the HHS newsletter. I'd like to be added to the mailing list if possible. Just contacted a lost friend from class of 62 and couldn't be happier. Lost my yearbook through all the moves I've had, and can't place many faces. I'm married 36 years to a class of 64 girl and now live in Phoenix. I'll just say "Hi" to all those who remember me.
    John Ziegler, class of 63. ::>)

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  • Robin Jacobson ('71) invites you to check out the website for her small press, which lists info about current and upcoming publications, as well as literary competitions:

  • There is a fun site that contains lyrics for songs of the 50's, 60's and 70's, which many of us remember from our teen years. We have been granted permission to share this site with you - enjoy!

    Den's Oldies

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  • CLASS OF 1962

    Saturday night, August 10, 2002, at the Imperial Manor, 345 Hicksville Road, Bethpage, L.L., NY
    Cocktails starting at 7:00 pm, Buffet Dinner Dance at 8:00 pm with unlimited food and open bar!!
    Cost is $80 per person, spouses, significant others and guests of classmates are invited.
    If interested, please contact Marcy Lipschutz Seus (, Karen Hubner Jenkins ( or Joe Carfora ( right away.

    The following e-mail was sent to the class of 1962 e-mail list the beginning of May. Karen Hubner Jenkins wrote it.


    For those of you (and there were many of both sexes) who mentioned having to lose 30 Lbs., don't!! There will be more of you to hug!! We'll be reflected off each other's eyeglasses as we bask in the warm glow of the room's lighting bouncing off the shinning domes of those who have lost their hair.

    If you use a cane, walker or wheelchair--we'll make room. The Imperial Manor is all ground floor level. If you're on oxygen, there's no smoking in the building, but a covered portico for those of you who do smoke.

    If you don't remember anyone, we'll use nametags and you'll make new friends. Some of us are married, some single, some divorced, some in religious orders. Businesspeople, teachers, housewives, plumbers, doctors, lawyers, actors, cooks, beauticians, gardeners, coaches, grandparents... and best of all ...retirees!!!


  • CLASS OF 1957

    Saturday, October 19, 2002 at the Islandia Marriott (exit 58 of the L.I.E.), cocktails at 7 p.m., dinner to follow. Cost is $65 per person. Hotel is giving us a discount rate for those who wish to stay there, including free transportation to and from MacArthur airport. We'll also be meeting for brunch on Sunday morning, before everyone heads home. Invitations have been sent to all the classmates whose street addresses we have. We're still waiting to hear back from some of those registered on Classmates.Com.

    Phil Fulco
    10 Kendall Green Drive
    Milford, CT 06460
    Phone: (203) 878-7154


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Spotlight: Carolyn Wood, Part 4, by Bob Casale

"The Battle of the Bands competition had a special significance," Carolyn remembers. "We were fresh out of the military. Visions of becoming something other than "just another band" invaded our senses."

The attending audience was just a normal crowd in an ordinary bar, nothing special. The folks were there to do the usual…drink and look for dates. The only difference this night was a variety of talent appearing there.

The set by the Rhythm Method was good but not extraordinary. Richie Macioce suggests they didn't really win the battle that night.
When they finished the final song and exited the stage, there were a lot of people offering congratulations. Several of the congratulators were members of other bands that were competing that night. More important was the reaction from the featured performers, Johnny Maestro and the Del Satins.

Carolyn remembers, they seemed genuinely impressed and suggested that with the proper management, perhaps there was a future for us. Carolyn says, "we left knowing full well that we had done a good job with the mindset that perhaps we could become more than a weekend band."

The next day Carolyn says, "Jimmy Rosica received a phone call from someone with a mysterious voice"

Betty Sperber, the person who helped set up the "Battle of the Bands" competition and who was also, the manager for Johnny Maestro and the Del Satins sounded excited on the other end. She asked if the Rhythm Method was interested in meeting with her in New York City to discuss their future. Not trying to sound too anxious, Jimmy said, "any time, any place would be fine."

Tommy Sullivan and Jimmy Rosica represented the group and made the trek into New York City the next day. They met with Betty Sperber, Johnny Maestro and the Del Satins. The rest is history…everyone shook hands and the new 11 member singing group, The Brooklyn Bridge, was formed.

The original members were Johnny Maestro from the Crests, Fred Ferraro, Les Cauchi and Mike Gregorio from the Del Satins, and Tom Sullivan, Carolyn Wood, Jim Rosica, Shelly Davis, Joe Ruvio, Artie Catanzarita and Richie Macioce from the Rhythm Method. Oh, by the way, the name Brooklyn Bridge came from their manager, Betty Sperber. She suggested, referring to the size of the group, "This is going to be harder to sell than the Brooklyn Bridge."

The next several months found the Bridge honing their skills. No doubt, the serious blending of exceptional talent was accomplished. The original concept of creating a larger group was now a done deal. Carolyn remarked, "the original intention was to have Johnny and the Del Satins as front men with us as the musicians."

That was the venue they attacked heartily. Rehearsals were vigorous…slowly, they built a repertoire of songs that displayed the talents of everyone. The majority of musical arrangements for the group were customized by Tom Sullivan. They were rehearsing in basements and recreation rooms of band members but realized they needed a place to finalize their act, to establish a personality that separated them from other groups. Their effort established a sound that was unique centered around the riveting voice of Johnny Maestro.

The Cheetah Club at 8th Avenue and 52nd Street in Manhattan wanted to introduce the Brooklyn Bridge to the world. The group was hired for an eight week stint during the summer of 1968. Everything was falling into place for the group. Their manager was setting up a tour that would put the "act" on the road. The only thing lacking was a record the caliber of "Sixteen Candles" that catapulted Maestro and the Crests into the limelight.

The summer unfolded and fall was approaching while they waited desperately for that to happen.
"We did some gigs as an opening act for established performers," Carolyn relates. "This was a continuation of the "getting it all together" period for our new band."

And then, "The Worst That Could Happen."

"No, not a calamity, Carolyn says with emphasis…the record….THE RECORD."

For those of you not familiar with Jimmy Webb, he is a prolific song writer with scores of lyrics he's written played every day, somewhere in the world. Jimmy wrote a song that was previously recorded by the Fifth Dimension on their "Magic Garden" album called "THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN". The Bridge acquired the necessary permission to record this song. It was released in November of 1968. The rest of the story is history.

The record shot to number one on the charts and eventually sales were in excess of a million copies. The highlight of the run their hit made was an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show on December 13, 1968. Carolyn recalls what a thrill it was for the Bridge but especially for her.

"I worked hard and made sacrifices growing up because I wanted something special in my life," Carolyn remarked. The next two years would be "special" and would more than justify the sacrifice.

It began with starting a countrywide tour that began with the group using their private cars. They graduated to a chartered bus as their popularity grew. Occasionally, they would charter a DC-3 to get them around. Carolyn says, "that method of travel produced some scary moments."

In each town they appeared, there were radio interviews. Then, there was TV…the Della Reese Show…the Merv Griffin Show…the Mike Douglas Show…Hollywood Palace…and many more. Groups we performed with were the Beach Boys, Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys, the Monkees, Jay and the Americans, the Fifth Dimension, Melanie, Tommy James and the Shondelles, the Shirelles, the Impressions, The Rascals, the Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Richie Havens and the list goes on.

"We actually appeared, too, on the Jerry Lewis Telethon," Carolyn remembers.

One of their early gigs was at the SanSuSan supper club in Mineola where they were the opening act for Mickey Rooney. They also had long term contracts as an opening act for Carol Channing at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas and for Danny Thomas at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

One thing Carolyn remembers vividly is their first exposure to California where there was so much sunshine and such a completely different culture. That trip to southern California was a week long booking of concerts at Disneyland with Gary Puckett and the Union Gap.

New Year's Eve, 1970, was her last night with the Brooklyn Bridge after almost three years of rehearsing, recording, performing and traveling. "When people ask me what it was like to be in the Brooklyn Bridge, I tell them that I spent my early twenties as a member of a rock band, traveling around the country in a tour bus playing concerts in the late 1960's. I can't think of anything else better!"
She does suggest that show business is very hard on relationships. That was probably the main reason for her separation from Tom and eventual divorce.

Carolyn did remarry, Frank Imbrie in July of 1973. The Imbries were partners in a furniture business with branches in Arizona, California, Utah, Colorado, Wisconsin and Nevada. Frank passed away in December of 1985. During the past 25 years, Carolyn has represented the company as its spokesperson in television, radio and print advertising.

Mom is her most important role. Carolyn is the proud parent of 2 adopted sons, ages 20 and 17. She is newly semi-retired and living in Phoenix, Arizona.


It was late 1968 outside the Cheetah Club at 8th Avenue and 52nd Street in New York City. Gathered outside are the 11 members of the Brooklyn Bridge. Dan Daniel and Jack Spector (WMCA-New York deejays) along with Neil Bogart, vice-president and general manager of Buddah Records and producer Wes Farrell. The celebratory party is honoring the Brooklyn Bridge. A replica of their Gold Record, "The Worst That Could Happen," is being set into the sidewalk in front of the club.

Pat Koziuk Driscoll, 1956, FL
Linda Piccerelli Hayden, 1960, NJ
Bob Casale, 1961, HX and PA

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