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Volume 1 Number 8

Every month this little newsletter goes to over 200 e-mail addresses. Linda and I receive positive comments about it. We really appreciate your kind words and thank all those who have helped by sharing. But if this newsletter is to stay alive, more people like you will have to share. Anything will do; a memory, a piece of news, a slice of life story.

We are considering switching to Listbot/Hotmail next month. Steve Reden has done all the groundwork for us and we thank him. If you have any opinions or preferences, please let us know.

There are some new photos at: However there is not enough space in the description to list all the people in the group photo of the Orlando Mini Reunion so I have listed them below: Mickey Anglim, Barbara Frank, Pat Cardillo Roberts, Joyce Anglim, Barbara Beck, Jim Armstrong, Pat Greenidge, Carol Erlwein, Ray Bianco, Jeanne LaPointe, Marjorie Bianco, Chuck Erlwein, Rose Fucci Roland. Kneeling in front is Jack Roberts. (Photo by Gene Yetter)

Blast from the Past
Memories and Comments
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Blast from the Past

Subject: The Comet, May 1960
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 22:16:40 -0400
From: "vscelzi" <>

The following are some headlines on the news of HHS in May 1960. This writer is astonished that her Mother saved some of the old Comets. This is a woman that threw out baseball cards, Archie Comics and anything else that wasn't nailed down. Most thankful that she saved some issues of The Comet, would have been even more thankful if I had my baseball cards and comic books. Hope you enjoy.


  • "Let's Really Hear It For Washington, People! by Jill Altman - "The weekends of March 30, 31, and April 1, and the 8th, 9th and 10th of April 350 seniors lugged their over-packed suitcases at 6:30 am to buses awaiting them at HHS. Singing, shouting and bursting with excitement for a three day whirlwind holiday."

  • "Kiss Me Kate a Hit" by Joan Susser - On May 12, 13, and 14th HHS held its annual musical comedy. Everyone who went will agree that "Kiss Me Kate" was a highly entertaining show and that the members gave an excellent presentation.

  • "Band Wins Highest New York State Rating" by Lois Chaber - Who said that Friday the 13th was an unlucky day? Friday, May 13th, our band did it again! For the second year in a row the HHS Band received a "6A", the highest rating possible in the New York State Music Festival.

    Sports -

  • "Ristow No-Hits Great Neck North" by David Goldstein - Henry Ristow put the Hicksville Comets in first place in the North Shore I standings by throwing a no-hitter at the Great Neck North Blazers. There was only one hard play for the Comets, and that came in the 4th inning when Bob Chaiker hit a low liner to center field. Richie McKenna saved Ritow's no-hitter with a spectacular running catch, grabbing it off the grass tops.

  • "Trackmen Show Well" by Walter Pollack - Hicksville turned in its best effort to date at the Port Washington Invitational Track Meet with a total of 12 schools in competition. Bob Casale, brilliant as always, won the 100 in 10.5 and came in second in the 220 in 22.6 on a slow track and against a strong headwind for a total of 8 points. Joe Adragna came in third in the discus toss and earned two points.
    Brad Jaworski was borrowed from Varsity Baseball and in the broad jump came in 12th (19'11") while Walter Pollack came in 13th (18'7") out of a field of 24 entrants.

  • "Sports Night 1960" - Scores of athletically inclined girls from HHS converged upon the gymnasium to present to a packed audience the Eighth Annual Girls Sports Night. After able tutelage by physical education instructors, Miss Franke, Miss Zurawinsky, Miss Olson, and Mres. Fenenbock, the girls were able to present extremely capable and well-executed exhibits of volleyball, tumbling and apparatus, calisthenics, basketball, etc.
    When the final scores were tallied, it was determine that the Orange Team
    had won by a very small fraction, and Phyllis Russo received the plaque
    traditionally presented to the winning team.

  • "Year Book Coming" - The 1960 Senior Yearbook has been completed. We are all very grateful for the loyal and painstaking work done by the boys in the Printing Classes under the supervision of Mr. Adams. There will be a new cover design, more pictures than ever, and all in all, a book you will like to have.

  • "F.T.A. Tea" by Judy Rosenthal - The Future Teachers of American Club held a reception in honor of Teacher Recognition Day on May 17th. A Reception Line composed of The President, Stacy Rimash, and the officers, Chris Overlies, Beverly Ahlsen, Joyce Kordal, Joan Katagiri and Judy Rosenthal. Iced tea, punch and cookies were served. Elaine Mitnick, Chairman of the affair, and her committee, made the event a memorable one for all who attended.

    School faculty, teachers and principals from elementary schools who participated in the Teachers Co-operation Program attended.

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Memories and Comments

  • From Mary O'Shaunessey Cleary, 1961

    I remember the storm Bob is talking about. It looked like a winter wonderland outside with ice covering everything. I also remember standing in my kitchen with an umbrella as hot water was poring down from a broken pipe. My husband sent one of his workmen over to turn off the water as I didn't know where the turnoff was. I also remember that year of snow because we all had cabin fever by the time spring came. Except for the winter of '94 we haven't had a winter like that in a long time. Keep the stories coming Bob. We love them.

  • I just thought I would like to tell you I am enjoying your newsletter. You are bringing back some fond memories of our youth. Who said we are old?
    I was sorry to hear Mabel Sassatelli passed away. Hope she did not suffer much. I and my wife so far have been healthy and hope it continues. Keep up the good work and I had to laugh at that story about snow on LI as upstate New York 15 inches of snow is no big deal just another day in the Nordic. Kurt Stietz , 1960

  • The name of the other bakery was "Just Right" if my mind is as clear as I think it is.

    I don't remember Mrs. Philcox, but I graduated from Trinity Lutheran School in June of 1957. I had to go all the way to Mineola to Nassau Christian School before Trinity opened, the year I was in 5th grade.

    I am willing to help Mary any way I can, I am not a computer wizzzzz either and I live in Florida, just let me know what I can do. Nancy North Park, 1961

  • Note to Suzanne Garrett Cullen

    Schwartz's Furniture was the first building on Broadway, directly south of St. Ignatius. The Schwartz's were our neighbors during most of my time in Hicksville. They lived on King St., but moved next door to us around 1962.

    We had a corner house on Bruce Ave. They lived around the corner on Honved St. They were good neighbors and friends to my parents for many years. I often caught a lift home with Mr. Schwartz after staying late at school, (usually for detention). Mr. Schwartz' s Father moved his family to Hicksville from the city sometime during the 1910s or 1920s. The store, an old three story house, was there for many years serving the community.

    David Teitel ...Class of 68

  • Good to hear from you again. Got the latest newsletter. Boy, all those comments from folks about Hicksville in the good ol' days sure do bring back memories. You know one of the reasons I've always enjoyed Billie Joel's songs are because of the references to places I know. You know, the medical center and the Parkway Diner, all that stuff about Montauk, etc. How many people remember Ted's deli on Broadway? And, the Halfway Tavern? I used to pick the left over potatoes, after the migrant workers harvested, on the farm that became the Mid-Island Plaza. There was an old guy, named George, who lived in the house on the corner of Nevada St. and Broadway. He was raised on that farm, which was an orphanage (St. Joseph I think), till he was 18. Then decided to just stay in Hicksville. He'd tell us stories about life in Hicksville when he was a kid. I lived on Nevada St. and used to see him almost every day.

    Did I mention I heard from Tom Reuter? He lives in Switzerland. Been there for over 31 years, and 6 years in Belgium before that. Said I was the first person from Hicksville to contact him in 38 years! Imagine that. Saw his name on the Classmates site and dropped him a note. This technology is the greatest.

    That's enough memory lane for now. Keep in touch.

    Phil Fulco, 1957

  • Suzanne

    Englerts Bakery was on the corner of West Marie and Broadway!!!!
    The Greek Luncheonette was around the corner from the Hicksville Movie, about three doors down from the corner.

    Schwartz Furniture was next to St. Ignatius Church toward Old Country Road!!!

    Pete Furgiuele 68

  • Hi to everyone,

    I have no idea how many of you old alumni remember me, but I hope some of you do. I would really like to touch base with anyone that feels the same.

    I am Cliff Salkeld, if I had have been smart enough to stay in school, I would have graduated in '58, instead I joined the service and then went back to school with the Army brats.

    I am married to a girl from Levittown, and a couple of years ago accompanied her to her fortieth reunion. That is when I found out that it is important to renew old friendships, and to stay in touch. None of my new found friends has half as much in common with me as some of you.

    We live in the mountains of western North Carolina now, and I recently retired.

    Really hope to hear from some of you. I was going to list some names, but I started to remember so many that I thought better of it.

    Cliff -

  • attended.

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In Sympathy

Condolences to the family of Ed Caesar, class of 1961. Following is a reprint of his obituary from NEWSDAY:

CAESAR-Edward J. on April 17, 2001 of Dix Hills. Former Proprietor of Cameron Photo Lab, Southampton, NY. Beloved husband of Linda. Devoted father of Carolyn Homcy, Edward and Matthew. Cherished grandfather of Taylor and Samantha Rose. Devoted brother of Betty Ann Reinhardt and Kathleen Burke. Friends may visit Thursday and Friday 2-5 & 7-9:30 PM. Religious service Friday evening 8:00 PM at Funeral Home. Funeral Saturday 10:00 AM at Funeral Home with interment to follow at St. Charles R.C. Cemetery, Farmingdale.

Ed was well known and liked. This newsletter received many notes about his untimely death.

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Get Well Wishes

Carl Probst via Gene Yetter said that Mike Sherin (1959) is recouperating from surgery and that the surgery "went very well." Mike's address for get-well wishes is:

Michael Sherin
18 Taylor Rd.
Huntington Bay, NY 11743

Friday, April 27,2001, we received the following note from Mike:

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I just arrived home after four days in the hospital. I feel good considering all the work that they did on my oversized belly. I should be resting at home for a few weeks. All the best to you all.


Pat Koziuk '56
Linda Piccarelli '60

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