Hicksville Vietnam War Era Memorial Dedication Ceremony

Overview By John Tranchina - HHS 1964

Memorial Day 2022 - It was though a burden was lifted from the community after months of isolation from friends, neighbors and family, as a result of Covid restrictions. As dawn emerged the eastern sky was a clear light blue.

 Spectators and participants gathered on the lawn of the Middle School to pay tribute to those who fell in combat over past and recent years.  The various monuments at the Memorial Garden represent not only the fallen but past residents of the community who served this country in times of conflict.  

Some of the monuments are specific to the Fallen and others are to Compliment the Community members who served either by volunteering or by conscription to serve. The Vietnam War Era Memorial represents both the living and fallen, who lived in Hicksville between 1962 and 1975.

The gathering at the Middle School started with a parade led by Hicksville s American Legion, members of the H.H.S. Marching Band, followed by various community organizations to include the H.F.D.  Fire Fighters, H.F.D. Jr. Fire Fighters and Marching Band, paid for by the H.F.D. for the occasion.

The Vietnam War Era Memorial was presented and dedicated by Tommy Sullivan Class of 1963 and was received well. I have received positive feedback from members of the community in regard to the overall effort of The  Memorial Team, its construction and appearance of the monument and placement in the garden site.  

Thanks to all of the people that Tommy Sullivan highlighted in his Memorial  Day Presentation for answering my calls and coming up with good solutions and suggestions which made it easier to move forward with the project.

John  (Jay) Tranchina    

HHS Class of 1964  

Dedication Ceremony Speech - Tommy Sullivan - HHS 1963

Dedication Ceremony Captioned Photos

Vietnam War Era Memorial shown on Memorial Day 2022 as part of Hicksville's Memorial Park; 
being Celebrated by The Vietnam Veterans of America Honor Guard.


Close up of Vietnam War Era Memorial on Dedication Ceremony Day


Joe Platt, HHS Grad & Largest Single Donor to Vietnam Memorial Fund, with Jay Tranchina, 
Committee Member who oversaw Memorial Construction.


Tommy Sullivan, Dedication Ceremony Speaker & MC, with attending HHS graduates


Tommy Sullivan with Jay Tranchina & Mike Melody


Original Dedication Stone for Hicksville's Veterans Memorial Park


View of WW II Memorial on Memorial Day 2022


Other Memorials within Hicksville's Veterans Memorial Park


Additional view of Memorial Gardens during Dedication Ceremony.


Memorial Day Parade Band and attendees during Memorial Day 2022 Ceremonies