Mike Melody class of 1965

Today, November 19, 2021, at the

GREAT Peppercorns Restaurant, Hicksville.


May be an image of 4 people, people standing and indoor

Left to right: Bob Mercer (1965) Vinnie Hoosack (1965) John Schnieder (friend) *Ray Kurz (1968) *Mike Melody (1965) *Gary Love, Jay Tranchina (1964) and *Kevin Matthews.

*Retired NCPD


             Mercer                            Hoosack                          Kurz               



Gayle Schoenberg Wenchell class of 1966

I see Ray and Mike who are the other guys

Mike Melody
I added info above the picture.

Patricia Hannigan McKelvey 1960

What a great picture!!

Banni Hoosack Cines class of 1965

Know it must have been a great time!!!!

Karen Hoosack Brosseau class of 1965

A very handsome group!

Don Myers class of 1965

a bunch of old guys!

Mike Melody
If you were there - it would have been, "a LOT of old guys!" lol

Sandy Schnepf LaVorgna class of 1965

Wonderful to have so many good friends get together ߑ?

Marilyn Bowles-Nejman class of 1966

Great picture Mike!! Nice to see the “boyz” getting together! Vinnie Hoosack! I have not heard that name since high school!! LOL. ZOOM with HHS girls tonight!

Stephen Kunkel
No photo description available. Shown with Colleen
Put this together during the holidays at the same place and invite the same people. John Janisch says hello

Mike Melody
Thank you - it's been suggested to do this again, but on a Thursday, since many will have plans on Fridays especially around the holidays. Please give John my very best - he was ALWAYS one of the good guys.

Stephen Kunkel
Let me know brother

Mike Melody
Not set yet, but the feedback I get suggests, Thursday, 16 Dec. I will post a notice asap on my Facebook page in the next day or two. OK?Bottom of Form

Morton Richman

Wow. Ray Kurz; haven’t seen him in over 35 years

Mike Melody
Same for me about Ray! Poor guy had heart surgery some years back which affected his vision...he can't drive a car anymore. Such a good guy - I've known him and his sister since we were kids in Hicksville.