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A canal through rice paddies: Vietnam    

Clouds in New Zealand

Manta Ray in Monterey California Aquarium

A calm day on the lake

The Enchanted Bottomless River: Philippines.

Allegedly, no one, even scuba divers, have managed to reach this river's bottom.   Also, no one has caught any of the very elusive fish which inhabit the river. The bluish color in the river's center is said to be due to its unfathomable depth, and reportedly, at around 12:00 o'clock noon, the water changes color and becomes much clearer. Hence, the legend and the name:  "the enchanted bottomless river"


Underwater view:  Lake Huron on the Canadian side of the lake

Cruise ships in a Fjord in Norway

Three-dimensional art: Rennes, France

Colorful Mountains

Water spirals of Elakala: Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia

Hidden Lake

Zhiangjijae Stone Forest:   Hunan, China; the "floating mountains" in the movie "Avatar"]

"The calm before a storm": Hong Kong at dusk

Fall in the mountains

A Beautiful Shoreline

Whispering waves on a rocky shoreline