Hicksville Vietnam War Era Memorial UPDATE – 9/1/19

Fund Raising: Another new donor in August added $100 to our total.  Total donations are now $38,633. 

The total number of donors is now 208.  All donors (individuals, couples and groups) are listed alphabetically at the end of this update.

Please know if you have yet to donate, you can still become part of the Memorial if you can spare as little as $10 for this worthy cause to recognize your fellow alumni who served our Great Country. We will very much appreciate any amount you can spare.

Remember, all donations are tax deductible.  Just follow the simple instructions below.  Your generosity will be very much appreciated.

Donation checks should be made out to:
Hicksville Vietnam Era Memorial Project

And should be mailed to:

Hicksville Vietnam Era Memorial Project
c/o William Walden
45 West 9th Street
Deer Park , NY 11729

Total Donations now well surpass our original $25,000 goal and expectations!  We owe this result to all our donors who have helped achieve it over the past 4+ years!!

Memorial construction completion is pending.  The Center Stone was mounted in July and proofs of all names to be engraved were reviewed and corrected where necessary. Nameplate engraving has now begun and is in progress.  Delivery of the two remaining stones, originally expected by mid-August, is still pending as of this report.    We now expect the entire Memorial to be ready for dedication by the end of September.

An announcement will be made on a date for the Memorial’s Dedication Ceremonies after the complete Memorial is constructed.  The announcement will be made over HixNews’ complete email list and will also be posted on the “You Know You’re From Hicksville , NY If” Facebook page. 

FINAL Confirmed List of Names:

Please click on the following link to review the Confirmed List of Names, organized alphabetically by graduating class year and shown as they will appear on the MemorialClick here

Alphabetical List of Current Donors

A heart felt Thank You to all of our donors!!  As noted earlier, 208 donors have enabled us to achieve a donation total of $38,633!!  Following is the list of donors, through August, 2019:
Ackerman, Dr. Helen R.
Andersen, Chris
Anglim, Tim & Barbara
Annucci, Dianne C.
Arroyo, Ann & Frank
Babenzien, Suzon (Cohen)
Backman, Stephan
Bedell, Don & Janice
Beltrani, Frank & Frances
Bemberis, Ivars & Jeannette
Bergholtz, Janet
Berlenbach, Jr., John & Betty
Bernett Family
Best, Theresa & Joseph
Bocchiere, Anthony J., Jr.
Boris, Joan & Joseph
Brigandi, Arleen
Brophy, Donald R.
Brophy, Michael (In Memory)
Budinich, Patricia & Richard
Burke, John & Lois
Calandrillo, Anthony
Callejas, Ruben & Aramilda
Canham, William & Rita
Carey, Daniel, Jr.
Carfora, Joe & Sharon Ann
Carfora, Santo & Jeanne
Casale, Robert
Castagna, Denise & Anthony
Catanzariti, Gregory & Anne
Chiappone, Dolores & Robert
Cheeseman, Robert & Lorraine
Christianson, Donald & Kathryn
Cohen, Dr. Howard
Colasuonno, Steven
Connelly, Linda
Convery, Harold
Corley, Karen
Costello, William & Karren
Cowell, Paul
Cuoco, Gail
Cullen, Michael
Dantuono, Diana & Cousins, Pete
Davis, Cheryl (Proffe) & William
Degnan, Ryan & Karyn
Degnan, Shawn & Robyn
Degnan, Walter & Karen
Dethlefsen, Barbara (Bieniewicz)
Dolan, James & Maryann
Dunne, Patrick & Barbara
Dyckman, Johanna (LoGerfo) & William
Faraone, Ed
Feinsilver, Rhona Appelman
Fernbach, Stephen & Nancy
Fippinger, Gary & Karen
Fischer, Frederick & Barbara
Fishman, Sheila
Foster, Pete
Fox, John & Joan
Frassanito, Elena Marie
Fulco, Philip & Valerie
Fuchs, Michael
Furgiuele, Peter & Martha
Galke, Douglas & Mary
Gallo, Francis & Frances
Gavin, Thomas
Germain, Joseph & L. Diane
Germain, Michael & Elizabeth
Giaccaglia, Susan
Giannelli, Edward & Angela
Gill, Thomas & Margaret
Gordon, Eve
Gowrie, Karen
Happel, Neal & Helen
Healey, Laura Marie
Hearon, Charles & Cathie
Hearon, Philip
Hemger, Marguerite & Thomas
Henningsen, Charles & Charla
Herfel, Paul Jr. & Alcira
HFD Hook & Ladder Company 1
HHS Class of 1967
Hicksville Class of 1965 Reunion
Hicksville Fire Department
Hicksville High Fundraiser – 4/15/16 & 4/19 (cash donations)
Hicksville High School Alumni Foundation
Hicksville High School Student Government
Hicksville Veterans Association/VFW
Hicksville Veterans Memorial Committee
Hilton, Patricia & William
Hoffer, Richard & Patricia
Huber, Gene & Jo Ann
Imbrie, Carolyn
Ingino, Joe
Jaworski, Brad
Jones, Robert & Marianne
Katz, Carol
Kaye, Nancy & John
Kennedy, Joe & Mary
Koziuk, Francis & Kathleen (Day)
Krummenacker, Michael
LaFeir, Len & Catherine
Lake, Robert & Robin
Lehmann, Ethel & George L.
Lembke, Arthur & Dorothea
Levitin, Patricia
Levitt, Samuel J. (In Memory of brothers Eugene, WWII & Milton, Korea)
Libert, Elaine M
Lichtenstein, Henry.
Listort, Dennis
Lynn, Sidney
Maas, Brian
Maas, Brian (In Memory of brother Palmer)
Madden, Mark & Barbara
Manelski, Stephen (In Memory of brother Thomas)
Maniec, John
Masciello, Michael
Masone, Robert & Marleen
McCallion, John & Janet
McCormack, Ronald M. (In Memory)
McIsaac, Rev. Robert M. & Margaret
Melody, Michael & Susan
Menghi, Ed & Jo Ann
Milich, Ellen & Joseph
Moos, Sanford & Marta
Morton, Thomas & Francis Neri
Mucchiari, Jean
Muller, Ray & Maryanne
Mullin, Thomas & Wendy
Mulvihill, Tommy
Neely, Judith
Oehler, Robert A.
Olivari, Irene & Lawrence
Olsen, Glen & Maureen
Osborne, Edward A.
Osborne, Richard
O’Shaughnessy, Ellen H.
Ostroski, John & Maureen
Otten, Robert & Leslie
Peluso, Robert J., Jr.
Pfaender, Richard & Lorraine
Pietras, Robert & Victoria
Pizzariella, John & Katherine
Pizzo, Lorraine
Platt, Joe
Pohl, Kenneth & Rosemary
Polanski, Christopher & Barbara
Polit, Robert & Mary Ellen
Plonski, Anthony J., Jr.
Plonski, Anthony J., Jr. (In Memory of brother, Robert)
Probst, Carl
Proia, Mildred
Przybyszewski, Ralph & Barbara
Pugarelli, Frederick
Quinn, Kevin & Kathleen
Recine, Vincent & Mary
Reid, Maureen & George
Rigdon, Alice
Rivoire, Edward & Patricia
Rizzo, Joyce E.
Rocek, Ron
Rossi, Denis
Roth, Doris & Julie
Rothschild, Paula
Rowan, Elke & Donald
Rozos, John
Rozos, Michael & Sharon
Rycar, Judith
Sacks, Darlene
Sandler, Marcia & Howard
Schiavone, Kathleen & Phillip
Schilling, Leona & Cliff
Schlosser, Joseph & Jennifer
Schrimpe, Donna
Schultz, Dale & Dee
Schwamb, Fred & Janet
Schwartz, Fred
Sheil, Linda
Shepski, Stan & Linda
Sherburne, William & Marcia
Silbert, Linda & Alvin
Siracusa, Lou
Smith, Stephen & Lenore
Starpoli, Joseph & Janet
Steedman, Thomas & Margaret
Stevens, Paul & Denise
Strafer, Kenneth J.
Talent for Troops
Thomas, Mark & Karen
Thurer, Robert & Shari
Tranchina, John & Carol
Traub, Richard
Uusitalo, Leonard W.
Van Buren, Carolyn (Fischer)
Vines, Kathryn
Volpe-Browne, Dorothea
Walden, William
Wallace, Terence K.
Warshawsky, Peter W.
Wassmer, Donald
Weber, Walter
Weiss, Harvey & Shirley
Williams, Robert
Wink, George W.
Winkel, Fred & Barbara
Winkel, Martin
Woodcheke, Michael & Denise
Woods Realty (Harold Woods)
Zabbia, Luke & Grace
Zeier, Ronald

Thank you!!