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Pat (Koziuk) Driscoll - '56 & Linda (Piccerelli) Hayden - '60

The subscription and notification features no longer work following the death in November 2017 of Henry Lichtenstein who maintained it.  Check after the first of the month to see the new edition.  - Editors

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News Release

Hicksville Public Schools Accepts Nominations for 2019 Hall of Fame

The Hicksville Public School District is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Hicksville High School Hall of Fame.  Established in 1985, the Hall of Fame recognizes graduates who have achieved distinction in their chosen profession or community; individuals who will serve as role models for the Class of 2019, as well as for all of our students to emulate.

The district is seeking individuals who have achieved not only professional success, but have made meaningful contributions to their community as a whole.  Individuals wishing to nominate a candidate should provide the candidate's name, address, telephone number, year the candidate graduated, the candidate's profession, community contributions, honors and/or achievements.  Nominators should explain what characteristic or achievement makes their candidate special and include their own name, address and telephone number.

All nominations must be received by May 15, 2019 at the Office of Community Services, Hicksville Public Schools , 200 Division Avenue , Hicksville , NY   11801-4800 .


This month we are introducing the final Confirmed List of Names, organized alphabetically by graduating class year, just as it will appear on the actual Memorial!
Good progress is being made on starting Memorial construction, under the leadership of John Tranchina, HHS 1964 and we remain on target for an initial dedication of the Memorial's Center Stone and it's plaques, mounted on the Memorial's footers, for late spring and the final dedication of the completed Memorial with all names listed in early fall of this year.  You have all seen the Center Stone Plaque in earlier HixNews updates.  Below it, will now appear the recently completed plaque honoring our 17 KIA's (killed in action).  Below this brief intro is a photo of the completed KIA Plaque.
Please click on the Honoring Our Veterans tab of this issue to find the full report on all Project activity, to include construction status, donations, the full list of donors to date, plus the new link mentioned above, showing the entire Confirmed List of Names, organized by class year, as it will appear on the completed Memorial.
Should you wish to make any comments on the Project's status, please email me at
On behalf of the Project Team,
Joe Carfora
HHS 1962

Each month, we profile a former student that has submitted a biographical sketch of their life. This month we have highlighted Linda Picerelli Hayden from the class of 1964. Many of you have not used the opportunity of sharing precious moments with other classmates. Itís not too late to submit a sketch to be included in the Alumni Bio Section (click the link on the left to go to the bios section) of the newsletter. We are including a writeable document that you can fill in on you computer and, after completing the document, forward to

  P  a  t       K  o  z  i  u  k       D  r  i  s  c  o  l  l  
                                  1 9 3 8  -  2  0  0  9
Ten years ago, May of 2009,  Hicksville  Newsletter, and the community lost a true friend who worked diligently on providing former alumni with much sought after nostalgia. Pat, who graduated Hicksville High in 1956, was affectionately known as an editor of the  Hicksville  Newsletter. She compiled most of the material that was included in each issue of HixNews and spent countless hours copying and pasting information on multiple pages.


 HixNews started out as a two or three page email that was sent to some 100 or so readers. Eventually, it evolved into a multi-page newsletter that placed onto its own website and was supported with many special features. It was fortunate that Pat saw many of the changes that surfaced over the years.


Most probably never knew Pat was not in the best of health because she was never looking for sympathy or an ďattaboy!Ē She didnít complain but just kept going like the energizer bunny. Pat shared time with her  Florida  pals shopping and fraternizing despite needing special consideration over the years. Pat spent most of her last year on oxygen 24/7.


She loved her portable transportation (a golf cart) that provided the mobility she lacked because of her dependence on oxygen. Her death created a void that exists today.


Patís efforts brought many hours of joy to HixNews readers who waited patiently each month for tidbits of information. Pat, along with Linda Piccerelli Hayden, a 1960 graduate, were the pioneers of HixNews. They spent many hours scouring through emails from former students gathering  information that was typed into an email and sent out the beginning of each month.


Pat was surrounded by family when she was summoned by a higher authority. This was not at all unusual because family was her life. She spent many hours enjoying those she loved most.