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The subscription and notification features no longer work following the death in November 2017 of Henry Lichtenstein who maintained it.  Check after the first of the month to see the new edition.  - Editors

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The very unfortunate passings within our Project Team last month and difficulty in gaining new input from team members during the current Holiday Season, leaves us with little to report this month, with the exception of a promise to regroup in January to get the Memorial built in 2019.  Should any of our local Long Island readers wish to join the Project Team to help complete Memorial construction, please drop me an email ,along with the best phone number to reach you, at the address noted below.
If you will click on the Honoring Our Veterans tab in this issue you will find a small correction on the area school attended and high school class for one of our KIA's that was discovered by a HixNews editor, along with the usual links to the Confirmed and Unconfirmed Lists of Names for our Vietnam War Era Veterans.
Some previously missing information has been filled in once again on the Confirmed List of Names and we continue to urgently need reader help in filling in a lot of still missing information by sending me an email with any data you are aware of.
As always, should you have any new, or missing, information to report for either List, or, should you wish to comment on the Project's status, please email me
I hope all readers are enjoying a Super Holiday Season and we wish you All Good Things for 2019!

On behalf of the Project Team,
Joe Carfora
HHS 1962                           

Each month, we profile a former student that has submitted a biographical sketch of their life. This month we have highlighted Patricia Battersby from the class of 1961. Many of you have not used the opportunity of sharing precious moments with other classmates. Itís not too late to submit a sketch to be included in the Alumni Bio Section (click the link on the left to go to the bios section) of the newsletter. We are including a writeable document that you can fill in on you computer and, after completing the document, forward to

Make sure to visit Memory Lane this month. Featured are some photos from the 2nd Mega Reunion from March of 2007.

We hope you will visit the Photo Gallery for January and see the Carfora family with their extended family in Colorado for the holidays.