N a m e    A    M o v i e    T h a t    T r u l y    D i s t u r b e d    Y o u 

Mine would be Deliverance.

Debbie Northrop Rocco 1972


Definitely Deliverance

Mary Garone


Steve McCann


My dad read Bambi to me and he didn't know what to do when I went hysterical.

Ellen Baumgartner 1969

I know! I was 7 when I saw it and freaked on the ending...lol


Recently just watched "V for Vendetta" again....truly disturbing in comparison to our current situations.

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Greg Navoy


Vicki Berk Mass 1972
A very sick movie…

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John Lauro 1973
John…You’re absolutely correct but more than sick!!!

Debbie Fischer Dowdell 1973

The original " Last House On The Left".  Omg

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Arlene Grace Franklyn
Last House on the Left…had to get out of the theater; it freaked me out so much!!!!!!

Barbara Mallow Dias 1974

I was shaking when I left the Hicksville movie theater and I still get uncomfortable when I hear banjos playing.

Ellen Baumgartner 1969


Robin Herrmann Cancro 1984


Barbara Rose Murello 1973