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Amber Tanner’s 8 year-old son was “lunch shamed” at school in May of 2018. He reportedly had a $5 past-due bill that she denied receiving from the school. Her son was taken out of the lunch line in front of classmates and told that he would only get a cheese sandwich, “a single slice of Kraft cheese and with two dry pieces of bread”.

Is this right or wrong??? We know how obsessed with money some people are and how they could care less about our children!

Her son told her he cried the rest of the day in class because he felt so humiliated and hungry.  
That’s why she started this petition calling on the Georgia legislature to help make sure that other kids don’t have to suffer for their parents’ oversights.

The link to Amber's petition is https://www.change.org/.../nathan-deal-stop-lunch-shaming...






No excuse for what this child was subjected to!!

Virginia Cabbe Reinhardt 1964


Here in Leesburg Florida , every child gets free breakfast and free lunch! I'm so pleased! A few cents from another possibility useless program, to save the children. I worked 30 years ago in the lunchroom, collecting money and keeping track of who paid what percent towards their lunch, and it was very hard on the children, to be singled out, or classified. I promote free food for children. Just my opinion!


Susan Donner Merkler 1968

Editor note…and excellent opinion!!!

It's very sad. I bet more food is thrown in the garbage after lunch. Why not just give the kids a lunch. This may be the only meal that they eat all day.


Kathy Hannaman 1960

Editor note…local restaurants should bring their leftover food at the end of the night to local schools.


Poor kid how cruel some people can be.


Camille Gully Hauf 1962


I guarantee if it was my kid, it would be the last time they shame anyone.


Mike Endsley 1972


Awful…I signed.

Jacqui Taylor Basker  (Buffalo Bob’s Cousin)
Professor Art & Architectural History & Aesthetics at New York Institute of Technology
Professor at German Jordanian University


Totally wrong.

Frank Schwartz 1961