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One new donor in June in the amount of $200, brings our donation total to $34,913.  Also, 6 new names were added to the Confirmed List of Names, bringing our total to 1,928!  In addition, missing data for a number of names was again added to the current list.
If you have yet to donate, or have missing data you can help us with, it's not too late!  Please see our June Update in the Honoring Our Veterans tab of this newsletter for details. 


Our Project was well represented at Dr. Carl Bonuso's retirement as Hicksville Schools Superintendant, with Bill Walden and other officers from the Hicksville VFW Post in attendance.  They presented Dr. Bonuso with a Certificate of Appreciation for his dedication to Hicksville's children and Veterans.  Bill also gave Marianne Litzman, the former Asst. Superintendant, who is replacing Dr. Bonuso as Superintendant, a Project Update and she is looking forward to seeing it completed. Please see the 3 pictures below, taken at Dr. Bonuso's Retirement Ceremony.


We hope everyone enjoys a fun 4th of July Holiday, celebrating the birth of our Great Nation and the many freedoms we enjoy that have been well protected over its many years by our military Veterans.


As always, should you have any new information to report for either the Confirmed or Unconfirmed Lists of Names, particularly to fill in missing data on the Confirmed List, please email me at


On behalf of the Project Team,


Joe Carfora
HHS 1962 


Each month, we profile a former student that has submitted a biographical sketch of their life. This month we have highlighted Carol Snyder Ferguson from the class of 1961. Many of you have not used the opportunity of sharing precious moments with other classmates. It’s not too late to submit a sketch to be included in the Alumni Bio Section (click the link on the left to go to the bios section) of the newsletter. We are including a writeable document that you can fill in on you computer and, after completing the document, forward to

Dear Hixnews:

Hicksville’s Fire Department is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, and on July 14th (Bastille Day) it will be hosting the Nassau County Firefighters parade.  I have fond memories of the parades and tournaments that I was able to attend as a child.

Thinking back to those days, I recalled taking this photo on a summer Sunday, around 1959 or so.  From my back window, I had seen a fire truck at the High School, slowly working its big ladder.  The extended ladder would be brought over to the cornice of the roof, move back from it, rotate a little, and then move over to the roof again.  This sort of thing continued for some minutes.  By the time I found a camera and walked around the corner, the ladder was back down on the truck, but I took this picture anyway.

This was the only time I noticed activity like this at the school.  It appears that the men perched on the ladder’s end were comparing notes about something, but what?

The truck is a 1950s-1960s Seagrave (the chrome siren mounted squarely on the “nose” makes the manufacturer easy to identify).  I recall that at some point after Mid-Island Plaza opened, firemen went door-to-door, seeking donations for a new ladder truck – the aerial ladder that Hicksville had at the time was too short to reach the roof of Gertz.  I wonder if checking out this truck’s ladder was related to that issue.

Cheers, Ron Wencer 1964


There are a lot of people expressing interest in our reunion and we are getting checks coming in. Remember, the reunion is on a first come/first served basis. Please take a moment to think of 2 or 3 people that you would love to see and send them this message directly or post on your own timeline:

The reunion is being held on 8/11/2018 at Butterfield's in Hauppague (661 Old Willets Path). The price is $65 per person in advance and $75 at the door. We are focusing on graduates from 1972 * 1973 * 1974…but all are welcome.

Nancy Rooney is collecting the money- so please make your checks out to her and send to her attention at this address:

Hicksville High School
180 Division Ave
Hicksville , NY 11801

Diane Allen Romano 1973