On a very cold wintry day, in Sussex County , New Jersey
we were warmed by the appearance at the Newton Theatre of

brooklyn bridge newton

Not the Brooklyn Bridge that spans the East River and
connects Brooklyn & Manhattan


…but the Brooklyn Bridge musical group including
three remaining members from the original Brooklyn
Bridge, Rosica, Ruvio & Cauchi.
Joe Esposito is the
only new face, a member of the Bridge about six
years! The rest of the band has been together longer
than most marriages, Jimmy Sarle, some forty years,
Marty D’Amico, forty five years and Lou Agiesta,

forty seven years.

brooklyn bridge candid_InPixio

Photo by Sonny Maxon

The Bridge Members Are

Standing - Les Cauchi – Vocalist * Lou Agiesta – Drummer
Martin D’Amico - Keyboard & Vocalist * Joe Ruvio - vocals, HHS 1966 Joe (Bean) Esposito - Lead Vocalist

Kneeling - James (Jim) Rosica - bass & vocals, HHS 1965 & James Sarle - Lead Guitarist HHS 1974

We had three Nor’easters in 2 weeks in March;
trees were on houses and on cars…

trees on houses

trees on cars

roads still closed due to damage
and power lines down; people were without electric
and water for two weeks and there was three and a
half feet of snow still on the ground.

power lines down

The Brooklyn Bridge presented a show that lifted

peoples spirits and made them forget about the past

several weeks. As ticket holders were led to their seats,

many were somber and probably shell shocked by what

they had endured. Then it happened! On stage The Bridge

began to perform and the audience transformation

was incredible.

Click the below hyperlink to hear “The Worst That Could Happen”

brooklyn bridge newton 2

Smiles abounded, arms were waving and people were
back in the late 60's and 70's. They forgot all 
problems - they forgot all the Nor’easters – they stepped
out for an evening to forget it all and relived their youth.
The photographer I recruited to take candid photographs
noticed the change in everyone’s demeanor. When the
throng of “old timers” left the theatre, they were singing & humming the songs of the past that was a big part of their

Brooklyn Bridge 050

Click the below hyperlink to hear “Unchained Melody”

Brooklyn Bridge 043

Their songs were amazing and flawless. The energy
with which they performed was incredible. Don't
forget, many of 
them are in their 60's & 70's but they
seemed to feed off the energy of the audience.

Brooklyn Bridge 054 2

Click the below hyperlink to hear “Step By Step & Sixteen Candles”


How were they originally named "The Brooklyn Bridge"?
The Manager of Johnny Maestro and The Del Satins,
a woman by the name of Betty 
Sperber, met with "The Rhythm Method" – Sullivan, Wood, Rosica, Ruvio,
Davis & Catanzarita (All are Hicksville Grads) and Richie Macioce who hailed from Rockville Center. Betty 
Sperber asked if they would join with Johnny Maestro of the Crests, Fred Ferraro, Les Cauchi and Mike Gregorio from the Del Satins as a new group. 

Betty Sperber called Dave Zahn, President of Banner Talent to give him the news.  When Dave Zahn heard there would  be eleven members he replied “trying to sell that is like trying to sell The Brooklyn Bridge”. Betty hangs up the phone and says to Jim and Tommy the name of the group is The Brooklyn Bridge.  

Shown below is James Sarle who is also a Hicksville Grad and is in the current Brooklyn Bridge


   Tom Sullivan        Carolyn Wood       Jim Rosica            Joe Ruvio
   Shelley Davis       Artie Catanzarita          James Sarle

Brooklyn Bridge 031

After Johnny Maestro and Fred Ferraro passed on
the remaining group members decided to be continue

As “The Brooklyn Bridge ". After their show at the Newton
I had a chance to speak with some of the group and had

a photo taken with them.

Brooklyn Bridge 058

 I can never thank them enough for what they did for
the people this evening.  I am sure to them it was just
another gig; however, to 
us nothing could have been
better for our spirits. Well Done - Thank you "The Bridge"!!!

Linda Piccerelli Hayden, Class of 1960