May 20, 2013 · Hicksville, NY

A note from Cheri Totter Mulholland…
I grew up on Crescent St. and now live on Wilfred Blvd. I love our little North East corner of Hicksville. This morning I decided to see whose houses I could remember from my grade school days in Woodland Avenue and as a member of Hicksville High School class of 1971 when I was on my morning walk.

salvo linda graduation  salvo linda facebook
Linda Salvo
  steinberg marilyn grduation
Marilyn Steinberg lived on Bruce Avenue
ragone nick graduation    brown clinton graduation
Nick Ragone and Clinton Brown were part of the Arpad, Colony and Julian Streets group.

sorentino linda graduation      sorentino kathy graduation
Linda and Kathy Sorentino lived on Jerome Avenue.

dipietrantonio karen graduation   neff maureen graduation
Karen DiPietrantonio    and    Maureen Neff on Vincent Rd

remy lorraine graduation
Lorraine Remy lived on Miller Rd.

I even counted
morand kathleen graduation
Kathy Morand on Hicks Circle (even though she didn't go to Woodland Ave.) This was a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in the 60's and 70's and still a great place for me to raise my children in the 80's and 90's. Tomorrow I will take my 3 mile walk to and from Hicksville Library !!
totter cheryl graduation  totter cheryl facebook with Kevin
Cheri Totter Mulholland 1971 (above shown with Kevin)

Cheri…we lived on Smith Street. Is your husband Kevin Mulholland? If so, he and I graduated from Saint Ignatius together.
Tom Galvin
A note from Cheri to Tom…Yes, that is my husband and he went to St. Ignatius.

drasche karen graduation
Karen Drasche lived on Adams Street.

greenstein carol graduation
Carol Greenstein Epstein 1971

Tom ..didn't you live on the same block as I did? I lived at 17 Smith Street..@Joann...I lived in Hicksville until 1988 and lived in West Babylon since then ..small world.
Patricia McGrane Johnson

A note from Tom to Patriciayes we lived at 12 Smith St and I know your family. You had a great of many on our street. I graduated from grammar school in 1966 so I'm a touch older.

A note from Patricia to TomI had a feeling you were familiar...your sister Mary was a great babysitter ...loved her ...and your family was one of the greats mom is still around ..she lives in was a great block to grow up on back then.

A note from Tom to Patricia…yes Mary is terrific. I am the oldest and Mary is the youngest. I was likely long gone in your day. Mary and her family live around the corner from my family in Cherry Hill NJ (outside Philly) which has been great. I will give Mary the update on you and your family. Sounds like your Mom is at the senior housing in Bethpage? My mom moved close to us in NJ about 15 years ago.

A note from Patricia to Tom yes...she lives in the senior housing dad passed away 6 years ago...she just turned 80..give Mary my regards ...I'm doing great ...married for almost 25 years with two girls and living in West we're still on the island ..say hi to your mom as well!! :)

Colony Street rocked and has a long history!
gries cheryl graduation
Cheryl Gries Brown

For sure and those block parties awesome. What happened there stays there because they would never believe it anyway. Do we know where
ragone nick graduation
Nick Ragon is??? Would like to say hi.
meisner john graduation  meisner john facebook
John Meisner

I have been looking for Nicky. No luck in finding him.
priceman nadine graduation
Nadine Priceman Belkin

I graduated in 1968 and I lived on Honved Street diagonally across from Matt Tedesco and Tami Steinberg. I was friends with Barbara Tedesco whose house backed up to the Steinberg's. There was
schroeder arlene graduation schroeder arlkene 20-15 happy birthday
Arlene Schroeder on King Street
ambrico sue graduation
Susan Ambrico

teitel david graduation  teiteldavid facebook
David Teitel etc, etc. There were quite a few 1968 graduates on these streets. It was a great neighborhood to grow up in. So many kids to play with outside all the time.

schwartz janice graduation  schwartz janice
Janice Schwartz Block 1968

Haven't heard those names in years, there also was
matt errico
Matt Errico
devoe candid
Billy Devoe
pisano christine graduation
Christine Pisano
cappolla audrey graduation  audrey cappolla
Audrey Cappola
I can't think of anyone else put I do know there were dozen's more.
mcnally sue graduation   mcnally susan bill devoe helen bereznik
Susan McNally                  &             Sue with Bill Devoe & Helen Bereznik

We lived at 57 Crescent Street until the summer of 1967. The Forts to the south on the corner. VanSise next door to the north. Grebbers directly to the west.
mcdonald joseph graduation
Joe McDonald

I remember your family! I lived on the other side of  the VanSises. Granted I was only 8 when you moved.
endsley janine graduation
Janine Way

All those names sound familiar; I grew up on Crown St. and later moved to the other side of Woodbury Rd. on Oak St.; went to TV Summer elementary, St. Iggies, and Hix High.
nowak ray facebook

Ray Nowak

Hey Ray! My brother Kevin ( who is a year younger and likely your age ) and I went to Saint Ignatius. If my memory is correct, we used to play roller hockey (and maybe basketball) at East St school. We also played on the yellow jackets football team which I think you may have as well.
Tom Galvin

Hey Tom! I saw your name and wasn't sure if it was the same person I knew: long time, no see. Yeah, I remember you well; Kevin was in my classes in St. Iggies, and I remember being pretty good friends with him for awhile back on Smith St. (?). Didn't Eddie Maraldo live across the street from your family; and the kid next door to you -- what was his name? Eric Anderson (had an older brother, too) lived down the street; right? Yup, we played roller hockey at East Street and there was another blacktop hockey/basketball court where we played touch/soft tackle football over in the Birchwood Park section: do you remember? I did play CYO yellowjackets baseball/football for a few years until the going got tough, so I got going elsewhere. :) I went to Hix high with Regina, too, who was very active in school activities as I recall. How are you, Kevin, Regina doing (I know it been a very long time!)? I have great memories from those early days!

Ray Nowak

Hey Ray nice hearing your recollections of our early years, it certainly was a great time to grow up. In response to your questions, yes Eddie Maraldo lived across the street  and
mahlstadt mike graduation
Michael Mahlstadt was my next door neighbor. There was Eric Anderson and his brother Matt who lived down the street. When we played hockey and football I think Jackie Keough, Richie Maier and Rob (?) McMorrow used to play as well. Kevin is doing well and lives in CA, Regina is good and lives near Boston. We all have the trademark Galvin Gray (white) hair. I will let both of them know that we caught up. It has been quite a number of years since we had our last pickup game but they were definitely fun times. If I am remembering that you had a nickname ...something similar to a small canoe like vessel propelled by double blade paddles. Do you recall?

Tom Galvin

Ray great to remember the one and only
groont ralph graduation
Ralph Groont!
Enjoy the weekend.
Tom Galvin

And his sister
Groont Naomi graduation
 Naomi Groont; their mother was at our house every day wanting my mother, because I got him everyday...then it was just being a tuffy now its bullying; I now know it was wrong but when you’re in elementary school, it was fun...I think everyone in Woodland picked on him and his sister.

Susan McNally

I can't believe Ralph Groont's name came up. To this day I bring him up when the bullying subject comes up. I picked on him too, kind of sad now when you think of it. Sorry Ralph wherever you are! Anyone from Crown St area remember Wayne Rudin.
Janice Schwartz

How nice you still live there. It was a wonderful place to grow up in. I moved away in 1963, and have never forgotten the happy memories and the friends I had there. I am in Florida now, via N.J. Never really felt NJ was my home, but do love Florida and we are happy here.
dibella barbara graduation_fixed
Barbara DiBella Dowd 1962