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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe Platt, a classmate of mine (HHS 1964)
and neighbor, for his most generous contribution to the Hicksville Vietnam Era Memorial Fund in the amount of Seven Thousand Dollars ($7,000.00). With this most generous contribution, we have surpassed our funding goal and can start construction at the memorial site where the already cast bronze plaque will be dedicated and mounted.  

I must add that Joe did not serve, but was compelled to help the fund bring recognition to those who did during an era in our country's history that was tearing us apart from within. 

Please do not stop the contributions for there is a lot of work to be contracted, plus maintenance of the site and study grants to students of the community - all of which will take additional funding.

The following picture shows

Joe Platt (middle) giving his contribution to John (Jay) Tranchina (left) and Bill Walden (right).  The picture was taken by Norman Reed, Class of 1963. 

Jay Tranchina

November was a tremendous month and our biggest single month ever, with 6 new donors, plus 3 repeat donors bringing in an additional $9,391!  The tremendous generosity this past month of Joe Platt, HHS 1964, was a huge help to November receipts.  Please see the home page article written by Jay Tranchina, a Project Team member, regarding Joe's contribution.
In addition to Joe, it was great to see excellent contributions from 5 other new donors, along with our repeat donors. 
We have now exceeded our $25,000 goal with $28,788 in total contributions.  For those of you who have not yet made a contribution, you still have time to be part of the Memorial.  Details on where to mail your donation check are shown in the complete Project Update, which appears in the Honoring Our Veterans section of this newsletter
As always, should you have any new information to report for either the Confirmed or Unconfirmed Lists of Names, particularly to fill in missing data on the Confirmed List, please email me at
On behalf of the Project Team, I'd like to wish each reader of HixNews a Wonderful Holiday Season, along with Happiness, Prosperity and Good Health in 2018!
Joe Carfora
HHS 1962

Each month, we profile a former student that has submitted a biographical sketch of their life. This month we have highlighted Naomi Lippin from the class of 1971. Many of you have not used the opportunity of sharing precious moments with other classmates. Itís not too late to submit a sketch to be included in the Alumni Bio Section (click the link on the left to go to the bios section) of the newsletter. We are including a writeable document that you can fill in on you computer and, after completing the document, forward to

To view any of the videos created by Buffalo Bob Casale, click this link to get to the complete listing. Many of the entries are various class reunions held over the years and also included are In Memoriam videos for those classmates who have passed since graduation. I have several personal videos that are viewable should anyone care to see some Casale family history or Buffalo Bob back in the day.