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There was one repeat donor in October.  $25 was  received for a new total of $19,397.  After tax expenses last year, we have a total of $18,522 available to us, sufficient to build the Memorial, but not yet enough to maintain it after construction.  Repeat donors have really helped us, but we sure would like to see help from new donors to reach our $25,000 total goal.  Details on where to mail your donation check are shown in the Project Update, which appears in the Honoring Our Veterans tab of the newsletter.
Good things continue to happen to move the Project towards completion.  Please see the Project Update for details.
What the Memorial means to those who served during the Vietnam War Era is very well expressed in a letter received this past month from Brian Maas, a Vietnam War Veteran who has been a multiple donor to the Memorial Project.  It is posted on this Home Page and we hope you can take the time to read it.
As always, should you have any new information to report for either the Confirmed or Unconfirmed Lists of Names, particularly to fill in missing data on the Confirmed List, please email me at
As we approach the annual Veterans Day celebration this month, please show your generous support to all our Veterans who served during the Vietnam War Era.
Joe Carfora
HHS 1962

The following letter was sent to Bill Walden (1965) by Brian Maas (1962). Bill is part of the committee dedicated to having the Vietnam Era Vets honored by constructing a memorial. The goal to complete the project was to raise $25,000 that would permit all who served during that period of time to be included on the memorial. Brian has made multiple donations during the past several years and is anxious to see the project come to fruition. We are considerably short of the goal and Brianís letter is an appeal to all to help reaching that goal.


Each month we profile a former student. This month we are highlighting the class of 1967 instead and feature past reunions and the most recent fifty year held in October. The profile is included in Memory Lane.

To view any of the videos created by Buffalo Bob Casale, click this link to get to the complete listing. Many of the entries are various class reunions held over the years and also included are In Memoriam videos for those classmates who have passed since graduation. I have several personal videos that are viewable should anyone care to see some Casale family history or Buffalo Bob back in the day.