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Buffalo Bob Casale, '61 Katie Kennedy, '62
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Webmaster:  Roger Whitaker
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Pat (Koziuk) Driscoll, '56 & Linda (Piccerelli) Hayden, '60

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We have an organized online spreadsheet that presents our current list: available by clicking here.

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We need an editor to help us put the Hixnews newsletter section together each month.  Katie Kennedy, who has very kindly put together the newsletter pages for the past several months, has some new commitments starting in June that will preclude her continuing with the great job she's been doing.  We need someone familiar with MS Publisher, which is what the Newsletter section is composed using. It is then is exported to pdf and uploaded to the server.  If you have Publisher experience, some time you could spare and if you would like to get involved, please email us at 

Hicksville Vietnam War Era Memorial Project Update

With 57 new names added in March, our new total is 1,347! 


Marchís contribution again came largely from the work of one of our alumni in collaboration with the Hicksville Public Library Historian.  With the continuation of this effort and the additional contributions of our entire alumni, we expect the list will continue to see good growth in the months ahead.

Please see the Veteran's Section of this issue for the latest information on the project and what you can continue to do to help its success. 

Itís also more important than ever (even if you donít have new names to send us) to review the list for missing information or information shown in red that needs correction or clarification.  Please send me an email if you can help us fill in the blanks.  High school class year has been specifically noted, where we have it, to make this review easier for you to scan the list.  We made added progress in filling in the blank information in March, so letís all pitch in to continue this effort!

On behalf of the Project Team,

Joe Carfora, HHS í62


Hi, everyone, 

Stardust, my a cappella doo wop group, is performing 2 shows at Mangia Restaurant on Saturday, April 9.  Please call 631-661-6188 for reservations.  I hope that Hicksville will be well represented at our shows.

Bob Masone Ď62

Mangia Pizza & Italian Restaurant


785 Deer Park Avenue  North Babylon , New York 11703


(Located opposite from the Marion G. Veddar Grammar School )


Phone: (631)661-6188  Fax:(631)661-6239