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Dear Alumni…

We had many nominations for the Hicksville High School Newsletter Hall of Fame during the past year. Two former students in particular distinguished themselves above and beyond and have been inducted into our Hall of Fame.

Joe Ingino from the class of 1967 has spent much of his life after Vietnam in support of former Vietnam Veterans. His dedication is unparalleled and this despite suffering from exposure to agent orange that caused a cancer. Joe was successful in his fight to beat the dreaded disease.

Robert Thurer’s credentials in the medical profession reach unprecedented levels.

He was educated at Dartmouth College and Medical School and received his MD degree from Harvard Medical School.

Read more about Dr. Thurer, a graduate from the class of 1963, and Joe Ingino on the Hall of Fame Page.

Class of 1961 Reunion in Everglades City, Florida 

We are planning a Florida Reunion on Saturday, March 7, 2009 in Historic Everglades City near Everglades National Park. It is located between Naples and Ft. Lauderdale. Due to the location and limited space we must limit the reunion to the Class of 1961 plus spouse or guest. We are planning on a lunch and time to visit and catch-up after! Details will be sent to those interested in Jan.

If interested contact by Jan.5, 2009. 

Doris Fischman Roth  
Bonnie Scharr Papes  

So far we have heard from: 
Bonnie Scharr Papes
Doris Fischman Roth
Michael Rosenwasser
Shelly Heyman Baron
Lorraine Martello Vito
Ro Marchese Genovese and Tony Genovese
Roberta Martello
Carolyn “Clem” Baldwin Moors
Carol Snyder Ferguson
Gerald ”Jerry” Bair
Carol Makowski Kinney

For all you HHS grads in FL (and there are a lot of us) –

Billy Joel and Elton John will be in Florida in March.  On March 2, 2009 they will perform in Jacksonville at the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and on March 5, 2009 they will be in Tampa at the St. Pete Times Forum.

For a list of other concerts see:

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If you're looking for someone and the name is on our list, send us a message here at Hixnews. Your message is sent to your old friend who can get back to you. If not, then your request is put on the People Looking for…………….. list.  Many people have reconnected thru HixNews. 

Late addition:  Hicksville Historical Society News 

2009 begins with their annual Winter Social on Sunday, January 25th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Gregory Museum. The program will be a true social, as the Society wants YOU to come up and discuss "your history with Hicksville!" Free refreshments served. All who attend also have free admission to the Gregory Museum. A good chance to see the museum, discuss Hicksville History, and meet the Society members! For more information call (516) 796-3826 or write 

The following was sent to me by the widow of my dear, late friend, Jeff David.  I knew Jeff for nearly 30 years.  He always treated me like a younger brother, but with respect.  His passing, this past spring, was very sudden and ended a life much too early.
 If there was any that you needed and it was in his power to grant, it was done.

We shared many great evenings out at Shea watching our beloved Mets.  In the off season, we would analyze the team, their successes and failures.  Who needed to stay and who needed to go.  An what about their latest acquisition?  These talks sometimes got quite heated.  I miss them and I miss him.

If you have the time, do try to tune in this coming Sunday night.  You will hear one of the best voices ever, doing one of the things he loved most.  I don't think you'll be disappointed. 

David Teitel, '68

Hi everyone,
This is the last recording Jeff did.  He had a lot of fun doing it, as it was the sort of thing he loved to do.  I thought it had probably been aired & they just forgot to let me know, but I got this today.  I am very touched that they are dedicating the broadcast to Jeff.  You can go to their website to see if it will be aired locally (for those of you who don't live in NYC), otherwise you will have 2 weeks to listen to it on the website (after Jan. 4) if you are interested.

The Gotham Radio Players are pleased to announce the premiere broadcast of a recreation of a lost 1943 episode from the Peabody award-winning series THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN. 
One of the most acclaimed wartime series from the golden age of radio, THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN was "dedicated to the fighting men of the United States and the United Nations -- broadcast in the hope that these authentic accounts of men at war will bring to all a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the job being done by our fighting forces everywhere in the world". Each dramatic episode, fictional but based on actual events, told the very human story of a man (or woman) in one of the branches of the armed services. Our episode tells the story of Wally, sound man, aboard the "Coast Guard Cutter Spencer". 
A central character in The MAN BEHIND THE GUN series was the voice of the narrator, played in the original series by Jackson Beck. For our production, the Gotham Radio Players were very lucky to have radio and television veteran Jeff David step into this role. In recent years Jeff had become a favorite performer at the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention, with his memorable performances in many recreations there. Unfortunately Jeff passed away shortly after recording this show with us. He was a natural for the role of the narrator, a generous and talented performer, and it was both a pleasure and an honor for us to have him as a member of our cast. Our production is dedicated to his memory. 
You can hear THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN this Sunday on: 
"The Golden Age of Radio" 
Sunday, January 4 
7:00 PM (Eastern) 
WBAI, 99.5 FM in the NYC area 
Worldwide over the Internet at 
You will also be able to listen to an archive of the broadcast at WBAI's website for about 2 weeks afterwards. 
So mark your calendars, and don't forget to tune us in live this coming Sunday at 7:00 PM (eastern), for the lost MAN BEHIND THE GUN episode "Coast Guard Cutter Spencer". 
Steve Lewis (a.k.a. Steven M. Lewis) 
director, Gotham Radio Players 
The mission of the Gotham Radio Players is to bring new productions of classic radio programs of the 1930's, 40's and 50's to the airwaves of today, as well as showcase original scripts written by emerging audio dramatists. The Gotham Radio Players are featured regularly in live performances on WBAI-FM, which are rebroadcast on other radio stations across the country, and can be heard worldwide via the Internet. We also appear annually at the "Friends of Old Time Radio" Convention, and at other performances in the NYC metropolitan area. 

People looking for People

Bill Ramos is looking for John Petrie class of 1960
Mitch Egan, ’60 is looking for Neil Lensky ‘60
Kathleen Trant Adamo, ’66, looking for Maureen Oliva, ‘66
Diane (Angell) Keil is looking for Bobbie Kaplan, class of 1963
Vickie (Berk) Maas, ’72 is looking for Bob Jones, class of 1972
Sandy (Sandler) Wolfe, ’60 is looking for Mike & Vinnie Cocolichio and Tommy Sak
Volena Henningsen (class of ’61) Howe looking for Kathy Lyman
Carol Christopher Fox is looking for Linda Proise Carlucci class of 1960
Kathie Sumrow is looking for Linda (Lee) Buch both class of 65 and bandmates
David Koburger, ’73 is looking for Laura Marlow, ‘73
Kevin McGuinness is looking for Delores Diak ’68,
Mary Alfano and Nancy (Alfano) O’Geary-Smith are looking for Richie Zoddar, ‘63
Judy (Brandfon) Greenfield class of 1974 looking for Carol Zaza class of 75
Frances G. Kosinski Class of 1969 is looking for Ann Bonarrigo Class of 1972
Myrna (Hessel) Greenberg, ‘60 is looking for Judy Niemy
Judy (DeVincentis) Morgan,’58 is looking for Marion Brennan,’59
John Ebbecke '72 looking for Denise Heller from class of '72
John DeLuca,’77 is looking for Jimmy Florio,’76
Al Frost and Bill Cashel are looking for Billy Tufts, ‘65
Pat Driscoll is looking for Bev Blyman, ‘56
Frank Scarangella '55 is looking for Maureen Werner '57
Charlie Alesi, ‘68 is looking for Linda Sucarino, ‘68 and Elaine Cloke, ‘69
Richie of Key Food is looking for David Skrownski, 1969
Peter Arena is looking for Debra Schoenfeld,’73 and Michelle Lax, ‘75
Pat (Robertson) Falk ‘65 looking for Virginia (Buscarino) Glaser/Robertson ‘65
Ronnie (Ron) Smith ‘73 is looking for Denise Bonsang ‘73 & Paul Cecery ‘73
Naomi (Groont) Doudera class of '73 looking for Neil Singer class of '74
Sue Voelbel Dalton '65 looking for Kathy O'Conner '65
Joe Kochanski is looking for his Vietnam buddy, Bill Schmidt, ‘64
Ron Palmer,’63 is looking Henreitta Kawolski and Tom Nelson
Tommy Burns (61) and Herbie Pearce (62) are looking for Pete Gillette (62).
Ralph Powell, 57 is looking for James Bruce,'57
Bob Gerrets,'66 is looking for Belle Miller,'66
Pat (Thompson) Dumas,'75 is looking for Crystal Demas, '75
Karen Kelly,'69 is looking for Fran Barber, '69
John Connelly is looking for Jennifer James,'90
Bob (Gleason) Wesley,'61 is looking for Jeff Foster,'61
Susan Spector,'62 is looking for Loretta Noce,'62
Ann (Krex) Friedman,'65 is looking for Laura Krakoff,'65 & Lynne Cohen,'65
Mike Linihan,'65 is looking for Terry Sheehan,'64 & Charles Dohrenwend,'65
Beth (Halper) McFall,'65 is looking for Judith Lapiner,'65
Marty Winkel,'62 is looking for Cathy Sorrentino,'64
Cheryl (Woods) Newell,’69 is looking for Penny Thompson,’69

If there's someone you're looking for, just send your request and we'll be happy to add it to the list.

If anyone knows these folks, send an email to:

It's another show for Paul Korman, class of '69.  Please note that the date of the show has changed.  The show is on January 31st NOT Jan 15th.  Hope to see you all there.  Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!